Tuesday, May 17, 2011

  I.  Call to order

 II.  Circulate attendance sheet

III.   Approve agenda (5 min)

       - Bill asks for 11-33 to be added to the agenda after executive reports; Alex moves to approve, motion passes unanimously

       - Bill asks for 11-34 through 11-37 to be added to the agenda after 11-33 and considered omnibus; Svetlana moves to approve, motion passes unanimously

       - Bill asks for 11-38 to be added to the agenda after 11-37; Alex moves to approve, motion passes unanimously

       - Bill asks for 11-39 to be added to the agenda after 11-38; Alex moves to approve, motion passes unanimously

       - Chris moves to adjust the time allotted for the "AGS Budget," "Staff and Committee Reports," "AGS Goals," and "Future AGS Goals" to a total of twenty minutes.

       - Joel moves to approve, motion passes unanimously

IV.  Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

       - Jordan asks that his name be corrected from "Jorgan"

       - Alex asks for clarification concerning "audit"

       - Justin moves to approve, motion passes unanimously

V.   Executive and Staff Reports

       a. President (15 min)

            - not much progress since housing report was completed; EVC is working on financials for moving graduate students into Campus Village

            - Every incoming graduate student got their first choice; it is speculated that this is due to a decrease in students applying for on-campus housing, having been warned off by current graduate students

            - The Governor has stated than an all-cuts budget implies a $1billion cut from UC; the additional $500 from earlier estimate would likely come from fee increase

            - UCOP is possibly changing funding streams due to concerns about market pressure effecting prospective students' choices

            - Campus partners banquet on May 25th

            - Alumni Foundation restructuring, hopefully getting more invlolved to help advocate

            - Concerns about the IT fee; who is being charged and how?  Is this just another way to fill the budget gap?

            - Only two contested positions; we need an active, vibrant council to keep up momentum of current year

            - UCOP has asked the state to remove line-item restrictions on funding (e.g. Reeve Center); question remains how these will be funded

       b. VP Internal (5 min)

            - Lowell asks that we advertise GSHIP town halls

            - extensive GSHIP documentation will be coming out during the summer

            - Coordinated Governance Group: Lisa Cornish wants to review housing document and resolve issues that are inconsistent with Housing Administration's documents; Lisa has also offered to work on parking issues

       c. VP Admin (5 min)

            - Begun tagging some legislation

            - Working on elections

            - Need to ratify the web resolution to use the AGS mailing list

       d. VP Finance (5 min)

            - JP Morgan can't match last offer given by Rich Lynch and the Treasurer's office for the AGS investment; likely to draft legislation to make investment with Treasurer's office

            - Dan Dooros has made offer about business in the student center, possible tutoring service

            - Tim Haskell is currently unable to pay for the removal of the the pillar in the pub

            - Tim Haskell has offerred to show finance sheet 

            - Currently no word on Pub parking

       e. VP External (5 min)

            - Student Regent selection has been made: graduate student from Berkeley

            - Graduate Student Bill of Rights has been drafted; will be approaching academic senate to gauge enthusiasm

            - working on external committee charter, likely to draft legislation soon

            - lobbying Republican politicians to get substantive plans to help the UC to bring to Democrats

            - SAGE has invited UCI AGS to join

            - UCSA congress August 18-21 in Riverside

        f. Legislative Liaison

            - Assemblyman Don Wagner coming to AGS offices Friday morning

            - Lobbying Gilbert Cedillo Friday in the Los Angeles to talk about DREAM Act

        g. Budget

            - Chris suggests possible "Chief of Staff" position for the President

            - help cover all of the meetings with Foundation, GRC, alumni, budget work group, etc.

            - help keep AGS organized, remove some of the time burden on the President

VI.   Resolution 11-33: To Dedicate the Graduate Community Award

        - Payel moves to approve; motion passes 21-0-0

VII.  Resolutions 11-34, 11-35, 11-36, and 11-37: To Recognize Recipients of AGS Awards

       - Erik moves to approve resolutions omnibus; motion passes 21-0-0

VIII. Resolution 11-38: To Approve Legislative Advocacy Alliance Charter

       - Bill moves to approve; motion passes 19-0-1

IX.   Bill 11-39: To Fund June Wine Night

       - Bill asks to amend the month in the name of the bill to "June" from "April"

       - Alex moves to approve with amendment; motion passes 20-0-0

VI.  AGS Budget (10 min)

VII. Staff and Committee formats (10 min)

VIII. AGS Goals (10 min)

IX.   Future AGS Goals (10 min)

X.    New Business

Justin moves to adjourn; motion passes unanimously