Tuesday, May 31, 2011

   I.  Call to order

 II.  Circulate attendance sheet

III.   Approve agenda

       - Alex moves to approve the agenda, motion passes unanimously

IV.  Approve minutes from previous meeting

       - Angela moves to approve the minutes, motion passes unanimously

V.   Resolution 11-44: To Ratify the 2011 AGS Council Elections (10 min)

       - Aaron Echols, 2011 AGS election officer, summarises the election

       - Bill determines which of the new council candidates are present

       - Justin moves to ratify the election results, motion passes 20-0-0

VI.  Bill 11-45: To Fund the Queer Graduate Caucus End of the Year Barbecue (10 min)

       - Payel moves to approve, motion passes 18-0-2

VII.  Resolution 11-41: To Ratify the External Committee Charter (5 min)

       - Alex moves to approve, motion passes 20-0-0

VIII. Bill 11-40: To Appoint the Archivist Position (5 min)

       - Adam expresses concern about the use of the AGS Trust; he states that it was originally intented to be added to the $50,000 investment 

       - Alex moves to approve, Graham objects, motion fails

       - Graham moves to amend the last resolution of the bill:

           "LET IT FURTHER BE RESOLVED that Angela shall finish the digitization of legislation, minutes and agendas, at which time AGS pay her $600 to be drawn from the AGS trust."

           motion passes unanimously.

       - Graham moves to approve, motion passes 18-0-1

IX.  Resolution 11-43: Investment Initiative: Transfer of money from STIP to GEP (10 min)

       - Adam restates his concern about the AGS Trust

       - Adam moves to increase the amount invested from $50k to $60k to reflect the original budget, motion passes

       - Graham asks that the source of the investment, AGS Reserves, be included in the bill

       - Chris asks to clarify the administrators of the fund; Issa amends to "Executive Director of Student Government and the VP Finance of AGS"

       - Issa moves to approve, motion passes 18-0-0

X.   Executive and Staff Reports

       a. President

            - Campus Partners banquet was a success, has some suggestions for next year to discuess with future executives

            - Executive Town Halls were a success for getting out the word on housing, GSHIP, Grad Student Bill of Rights

            - AGS needs more work on its communication, letting people know what we do and how they can get involved; possibly have a committee expressly for this function

            - Housing report gave AGS credibility with the EVC, which might be used for housing issues next year (e.g. cat policy, parking)

            - UC Administration wants control in SHIP policy, but Chris believes that grad students (if not undergraduates) have been faithful stewards of their own insurance policy

            - Newsletter could be great opportunity to get word out about AGS

            - Special Projects needs to be evaluated: are these events effective?  How are they perceived by our constituents?

       b. VP Internal

            - Lowell states a few of the big Internal issues: housing, GSHIP, Social, parking

            - Describes the structure of AGS Council and AGS Committees

            - States that AGS needs active committees in order to do more; need to find and recruit motivated graduate students; don't need to be council representatives

            - Current committee structure may be too nebulous; a more heirarchical structure with senior members mentoring junior members while working on specific issues may help with retention and engagement

       c. VP Admin

             - Brief overview of Robert's Rules and Legislation

       d. VP Finance

             - Description of a vision for next year's budget

             - Only a few specific line items, each corresponding to each of the executives; each committee will be overseen by an executive

             - Decisions (and the corresponding debate) will be made ad hoc at executive or committee level, no need for post hoc funding of events or staff positions

             - Council will still have ultimate oversight of executive and committee activity, but will not be responsible for many of the decisions (e.g. Special Projects) in the first place

       e. VP External (10 min)

             - Prior external activity had mostly been at state level with UCSA

             - Joining NAGPS and SAGE this year has transitioned some of our attention to the national stage, divided the committee's efforts

             - External will need to be active in this economic climate to keep the interests of graduate students in the minds of our elected officials

             - Legislative Liaison built a good rapport with legislators this year, but this needs to be leveraged into good lobbying

             - Possibly create national and state level legislative liaisons

XI.    New Business

       - Hanoz mentions his "white-lining," lobbying the UC Regents and suggests that others consider doing the same

Alex moves to adjourn, motion passes unanimously

Estimated time:125 min