Tuesday, June 07, 2011

  I.  Call to order

 II.  Circulate attendance sheet

III.   Approve agenda

       - Huy moves to approve agenda, motion approved unanimously

IV.  Approve minutes from previous meeting

       - Erik moves to approve minutes, motion approved unanimously

V.   Executive and Staff Reports

       a. President

           - Chris has sent out President's report, contains a description of AGS activities in the past year and guidance for the year ahead

           - Council had clear goals at the outside, but sometimes lacked adequate focus on strategies necessary to carry out goals

           - Chris suggests committees to help carry out goals: communications, recruitment, orientation, international

           - Chris believes that the new budget format may help promote action

           - Need to build AGS community and have fun to keep up momentum

       b. VP Internal

           - housing: works with residents councils and housing administration on housing issues

           - GSHIP: works on systemwide transition

           - social: building graduate student community 

       c. VP Finance

           - Works on Student Fee Advisory Committee

           - Works on AGS Budget

           - Processes check requests

           - Rich Lynch has begun the process to move AGS $60k investment


       d. VP Admin

           - compiles legislation, agenda, and minutes for each meeting

           - works to keep people active in committees

           - works on bylaws revisions

       e. VP External


           - Works on state (UCSA) and national (NAGPS, SAGE) levels to promote interests of UCI graduate students

           - Works with legislative liaison and legislative advocacy alliance to interact with and lobby legislators

VI.  Resolution 11-46: AGS Council 2011-2012 Budget

           - Erik suggests a fall resolution to outline the intended structure

           - Hanoz moves to amend to add a further resolution, "LET IT FURTHER BE RESOLVED that council is the sole authority to create and appoint staff positions for the 2011-2012 fiscal year."

           - Graham moves to table until 11-47 has been addressed to allow new council members to proxy their votes, motion passes unanimously


VII. Resolution 11-47: Council Appointments

           - Graham moves to amend 11-47 to include the names of Ian Tingen and Caitlin Lustig, motion passes unanimously

           - Graham moves to approve 11-47 with amendments, resolution approved unanimously

           - Erik moves that the prior motion be lifted from the table, motion passes unanimously

VI.  Resolution 11-46: AGS Council 2011-2012 Budget

           - Alex moves to approve, objection, motion fails 14-2-7


           - Hanoz moves to create specific line items for executive stipends, motion passes 20-0-0

           - Erik moves the previous question, motion passes 19-0-1

           - Resolution is approved 17-2-1

VIII. VP Elections (60 min)

           - Lowell Trott is elected VP Internal 20-0-5

           - Chris Dunckle is elected VP Admin 23-0-2

           - Justin is elected VP Finance 24-0-1

           - Greg Wiley is elected VP External 20-2-3

IX.    New Business

           - Alex moves to consider a resolution to decrease the stipend for the  VP External to 25% during the time that he is in Washington, DC for the summer

           - Chris moves to amend the resolution to $200

               - Greg objects, but subsequently withdraws his objection

               - Chris's motion passes 12-0-8

           - Chris calls the question, passes 12-4-5

           - Erik moves to adjourn, motion passes unanimously