Tuesday, August 02, 2011

 I.                   Call to Order

II.                Circulate attendance sheet

III.             Approve agenda (2 min)

a.       Motion to approve Denise, 2nded, unanimous

IV.             Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

a.       Postponed till next meeting

V.                Executive Reports

a.       President (10 min)

                                                    i.      New federal leg. removes interest forgiveness while in graduate school.

                                                  ii.      Working with Lowell on housing

1.      Working on ACC to on campus transferring

2.      Online Payment

                                                iii.      Continue to address mental health support on campus

                                                iv.      Working with parking to address nights and weekends parking

                                                  v.      Quarterly meetings with Chancellor

1.      Address promise from parking

                                                vi.      Working with International student

1.      Working with graduate division to establish peer mentoring for international students

2.      9 member committee to address international student issues

                                              vii.      Will attend UCSA congress, e-mail topics you think would be good for the years agenda

b.      VP Internal  (absent) (10 min)

                                                    i.      Social Committee (report by Jordan)

1.      Verano Commons: Aug. 13th , Grad Picnic and After Party

2.      Wine Night, PV Community Room Aug 27th

3.      After Party for Orientation? Sept 16th and/or 17th

4.      Partnership between Social Commit. with PVRC and VRC

c.       VP Admin (5 min)

                                                    i.      Website meeting with Adam

                                  ii.    Comm. Committee working on newsletter and map for start of quarter


d.      VP Finance (10 min)  

                                                    i.      Met with Undergraduate Dean Salinger to help with tutoring as LARC will be closing

1.      Very excited graduate students want to start tutoring service

2.      Offering lots of help

3.      Hopefully a Fall launch date will be possible

e.       VP External (10 min)

                                                    i.      UCSA Congress delegate list has been finalized

                                                  ii.      Blog now functioning


                                                iii.      External Affairs committee is recruiting new members

                                                iv.      Planning on attending NAGPS conference in Boulder

                                                  v.      Committee budget and planning calendar has been finalized


VI.             Resolution 11-53 On Project Funding (20 min)

a.       Motion to amend to revisit in at end of Winter Quarter, Victor, 2nd

                                                    i.      2-12-0 (proxies not called), motion fails.

b.      Motion to approve Bill, 2nded 11-0-2 (12-1-0)


VII.          Bill 11-54 Funding Request: Social Security Shuttle (10 min)

a.       Motion to amend that a trip be cancelled if the bus is less than half full, Bill, 2nded

                                                    i.      11-1-1

b.      Motion to correct name in first whereas, no objection.

c.       12-0-1


VIII.       New Business (10 min) 


Motion to Adjourn, Bill, 2nded, no objection