Tuesday, September 06, 2011

  I.            Call to order (5:15pm)

II.          Circulate attendance sheet

III.        Approve agenda (2 min)

              Motion to move Student Center Pres to before Executive Reports, Chris, no objections

              Motion to approve, Chris, 2nded no objections


IV.       Approve minutes from previous two meetings (5 min)

        Motion to approve July12th, Chris, 2nded, no objection

       Motion to approve August 2nd,  Maia, 2nded no objections

V.     Student Center Director Stacey Murren (15 min)

1.      Merged dining, scheduling and student center

2.      Established values for student center work effort

3.      Clients: 42% student, 50% fac/staff, and 8% alumni or community

4.      Focused on sustainability

5.      Electronic paperwork to reduce cost

6.      Major efforts

a.       Revamp ring road

b.      Setup Crystal Cove Aud. As a theatre

c.       Online event registration

7.      One free event for students per quarters (in addtion to the normal free room reservation)

V.         Executive Reports

a.      President (10 min)

1.      Working with EVC to find space for Grad students and clubs

2.      Looknig for feedback on budet

3.      5 yr proposal with state

4.      Met with grad. director of Counseling Center

a.       Pushing for more groups and support

b.      Working on usage stats

5.      Talking with Career services about non-academic job support

6.      UCSA Goals

a.       Advocate for 3 student regents

b.      Remove prop 13

c.       People signed up to attend but didn’t show (miscommunication?)

7.      UCOP/Yudolf want to keep grad and undergrad fees in line but this doesn’t make sense

8.      Reminder of Campus-wide  Orientation all day Sept. 16th and International Orientation on Sept. 15th

b.     VP Internal (15 min)

1.      Looking for volunteers for orientation, e-mail Lowell for nametags

a.       For Tours, lunch and/or reception

2.      Orientation Followed by “Glow” event at the pub

3.      New GSHIP starts first day of fall quarter, Sept. 19th


c.      VP Admin (5 min)


d.     VP Finance (10 min)  

1.      Talking to Stephanie and Sandy about tutoring service’

a.       Scale is a major issue

b.      This may need a full time director given possible workload

c.       Student Gov. Office would want a cut for payroll

e.      VP External (10 min)

1.      UCSA Board of Directors Meeting this coming weekend at Berkeley

2.      Will be looking for new LL’s one for in-state and one for out-of-state lobbynig

VII.     Resolution 11-55 Academic Senate Appointments (10 min)

Motion to postpone until next meeting Chris, no objections

VIII.   New Business (8 min)

Resolution 11-57 For the printing of Orientation T-shirts

Motion to approve Chris, 2nded 15-0-0

Time Allotted: 90 min


Special Projects Committee:


Bill 11-56 Funding Request: Brewing Class

Approved by Special Projects committee