Tuesday, October 04, 2011

 I.             Call to order

II.          Circulate attendance sheet

III.       Approve agenda (2 min)

Amend to add Resolution 11-64, Chris, no objections

Motion to approve Alex, 2nded, no objections

IV.       Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

Motion to approve Robert, 2nded, no objections

V.          Executive Reports

a.       President (10 min)

1.      Letter regarding letter of

2.      BWG

a)      Another round of cuts to campus equivalent to last years

b)      Likely to be more fee increases

3.      Fall Council Orientation

a)      Will on Nov. 1st in AGS offices

b.      VP Internal (10 min)

1.      CCG meeting next Mon. will discuss Cat policy

2.      Data seems to indicate an end to the cat ban

3.      Discussion with parking at student gov. luncheon

a)      Online registration

b)      License Plate registration

c)      Night and evening would be at dispensers

d)     Trying to separate link of parking incentives from sustainability to academic mission

e)      Perhaps a policy that helps students that must be on campus

4.      Jordan finishing his term as social committee chair

a)      Round of applause

b)      PhD movie on Oct. 15th

c)      Perhaps have additional screenings if event is successful

c.       VP Admin (10 min)

1.      Working on the Farm School

a)      Meeting with VC Wendell to discuss AGS proposal to renovate

d.      VP Finance (absent)

1.      Discussed the development of a tutoring service at the Student Government Luncheon

2.      Thank Jordan     

e.       VP External (10 min)

1.      In DC over the summer

2.      Has open office hours, please stop by if you have a question

3.      External Committee: Next Wed at 4pm

4.      Developed a budget for the VP External line item

a)      Primary expenses

(1)   Stipends for LL’s

(2)   Membership Dues

(3)   Travel: NAGPS in Denver, UCSA throughout the State

5.      Developing year and multi-year lobbying agenda

6.      Continuing the UCSA agenda from last year: Graduate Student Bill of Rights

7.      Working on UCSA agenda from this year of additional student regents

8.      UCSA Board of Director meeting this weekend in Santa Cruz

9.      Events are on the calendar

VI.    Resolution 11-60: Judiciary Committee Appointments (5 min)

a.       Selected candidates based upon availability throughout the year

Motion to approve, Victor, 2nded, 22-0-1

VII.    Resolution 11-61: VP Internal Staff Appointment: SHIAC Chair (5 min)

Motion to lay on table, 11-2-11

VIII. Resolution 11-63: Chief of Staff Appointment (10 min)

Motion to amend date from June 2011 to 2012, and change Internal budget to Administrative budget 18-0-5

Motion to approve, Hanoz, 2nded, 16-0-7

Motion to adjourn till after Special Projects committee Chris, 2nded, no objections

Motion to reconvene meeting, Alex,

Motion to close the meeting for Res 11-64, Chris, 2nded, no objection

IX.    Resolution 11-64: AGS Response to the Appointment of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (10 min)

Motion to Approve, Alex, 2nded, 21-0-2

X.       Discuss Exec/Staff Review (10 min)

XI.    Discuss Bylaws (10 min)

Motion to postpone Chris, 2nded, no objections

XII.    New Business (10 min)

Motion to adjourn 7:10

Time Allotted: 117 min


Special Projects:


Bill 11-62 To Fund SPICMACAY, A Vocal Recital by Pt. Raghunandan Panshikar

Motion to end discussion 21-0-0

Motion to approve 16-3-5