Tuesday, October 18, 2011

 I.             Call to order

II.          Circulate attendance sheet

III.       Approve agenda (2 min)

Motion to approve Bill, 2nded, no objections

IV.      Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

Motion to approve Bill, 2nded, no objections

V.         Executive Reports

a.     President (10 min)

1.     Letter associated with Resolution 11-64 sent to D.O.S and Chancellor

a)     Meeting with the Chancellor on Monday will discuss the associated issue

b)    Working to gain ASUCI support on this issue

2.     UC President’s Council

a)     Will conduct regular meetings with President Yudolf

b)    Conducted a recent meeting with Yudolf with the follow topics of discussion

(1) concerns regarding graduate student fee increase

(2)  UCSA agenda of additional student regents

(3) Budget and more general transparency with students

(4) Future Conference Calls once per month in person once per quarter

3.     Internal Committee

a)     Mental Health

(1) Working to identify priorities including communication about services with student body

4.     International Student Center

a)     Has English language support and tax workshops

5.     The president of Asian Science/Eng. Group interested in partnerships with AGS

a)     Would like more involvement of domestic students

6.     Meeting with Grad. Dean Leslie

a)     Discussed mandatory faculty training on mental health

b)    Mentoring policy to be decided at Grad Council

c)     Discussed non-residential tuition

b.     VP Internal (10 min)

1.     Working on a recruitment committee

a)     VP Internal is seeking advice on getting this program going

2.     Asked for feedback on issues with new resnet setup

3.     Social Committee

a)     PhD movie event was very successful, considering a second screening

c.      VP Admin (10 min)

1.     Farm School

a)     Looking into issue of earthquake proofing farm school

b)    Being obstructed by administration regard earthquake issue

c)     Cleanup occurring on Nov. 13th led by social committee

2.     Bylaws

a)     Looking forward to passing revision when we get 2/3rds of sitting members at a meeting

d.     VP Finance (10 min)  

1.     Provided an update on nights and evenings parking concern … not much progress

a)     License plate registration might start on Nov. 1st

b)    Parking didn’t budge on new restrictions for night and weekends

c)     Working with Academic Senate and undergrads

2.     Some concern about administration’s consideration of outsourcing bookstore operations

3.     Tutoring service

a)     Would likely need to hire a director through university human resources

b)    Union issues with hiring student beyond 50% time

c)     Looking for workarounds on these issues

e.      VP External (10 min)

1.     Committee met to discuss Leg. Liaison appointment process

a)     Will appoint LL’s at Wed. meeting

2.     UCSA Meeting at UCSB approx. 2 weeks ago

a)     Successful campaign with Dream Act signed by Gov. Brown

b)    Grad/Prof committee met and discussed agenda to increase number of student regents

3.     NAGPS conference in Boulder next week

4.     2012 schedule of Regents meetings has been published

5.     Looking for student interested in participating at UC Student of Color Conference

a)     UC Davis Nov. 11th-13th

b)    Contact Greg, to participate

VI.      Resolution 11-67: Massive Bylaw Revision (25 min)

Motion to postpone till next meeting as 2/3rds sitting membership not present, Chris, no objections

VII.   New Business (10 min)

No new business

Motion to adjourn, 2nded, no objections


Special Projects:


Bill 11-65: Sponsorship of Stats N Snacks Statistics Workshops (10 min)


Bill 11-66:  Funding for Tom Hayden Oration (10 min)