Tuesday, November 15, 2011

 I.             Call to order

II.          Approve agenda (2 min)

Motion to approve agenda, Alex, no objections

III.       Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

Motion to approve minutes, Graham, no objections

IV.       Training (30 min)

V.    Executive Reports

a.       President (2 min)

1.      Budget Work Group

a)      Grad Division and block– should not be cut was agreed

b)      Increasing Grad fees -  goes back to campuses under new funding structure so brought up in BWG

(1)   Last year money went back to schools, but not PI’s

(2)   Working on system to return fees to PI’s

2.      Mental Health

a)      Met with counseling center to understand resources

b)      Working on campaign to educate students about mental health resource  in conjunction with Student Affairs

b.      VP Internal (2 min)

1.      SHIAC Committee has 10 candidates, needs to be narrowed down to 3 voting on the committee

2.      Wine Night was successful, but complaints about early end time

3.      Sunday volunteer event at the farm school was successful

4.      CGG meeting still did not have stats for cat policy, requested a decision at the next meeting.

5.      Shift to campus village is happening with rent of $700.

a)      Considerable pushback from undergrads

c.       VP Admin (2 min)

1.      Communications committee is working on improving the website, including linking the facebook page to the website.

2.      Farm school is progressing, tentative support from Student Affairs but strong opposition from Campus Planning.

d.      VP Finance (2 min)

1.      Working on detailed letter on our communications and history with parking with tentative solutions.  Please look over.

e.        VP External (2 min)

1.      Regents meetings cancelled based on credible evidence of threatened violent action.

a)      This is deemed to be somewhat suspect excuse

2.      UCSA condemned police

3.      Working on switching UCSA to a 501c3

a)      For purposes of autonomy from the University

4.      Greg welcomes communication about how you feel or questions about what’s going on at other UC’s.

VI.  Resolution 11-75 Council Appoint

a.       Motion to approve Graham, 2nded, 18-0-0

VII.           Ratify Special Projects (5 min)

a.       Bill 11-66 Funding for Tom Hayden Oration

1.      Motion to ratify, Lowell, 2nded, no objections

b.      Bill 11-65 Sponsorship of Stats ’ N’ Snacks Statistics Workshops

1.      Motion to ratify,  Chris, 2nded, no objecitons

VIII.       Resolution 11-69 - Social Co-Chair Appointment (10 min)

Motion to approve Justin, 2nded, 18-0-2

IX. Resolution 11-70 - Legislative Liaisons Appointment (15 min)

Motion to approve Hanoz, 16-0-2

X.    Resolution 11-71 - Appoint Communication Director (5 min)

Motion to approve Annessa, 15-0-0

XI.  Resolution11-73 - SFAC Appointments (10 min)

Motion to approve Chris, 2nded, 16-0-2

XII.          Resolution 11-74 - Condemnation of Police Violence against Berkeley Students (15 min)

Motion  to approve Bill, 2nded 18-0-0

XIII. New Business (10 min)

Motion to adjourn Chris 2nded, no objections