Tuesday, December 06, 2011

 I.            Call to order

II.          Approve agenda (2 min)

Motion to postpone Res. 11-76 until next meeting, Bill, 2nded, no objection

Motion to Approve, Chris, 2nded no objections

III.        Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

Motion to approve, Victor, 2nded, no objections

IV.  Executive Reports

a.      President (15 min)

1.     Discussions w/ President Yudolf

a)     He is working at federal level for funding: in particular loans

b)     Pres Council stressed to him that funding in general, not just loans are necessary

2.     Sage met this past weekend

a)     Addressed creative ways to fund higher education

b)     Similar problems across other campuses

3.     Terry Jones

a)     Part of campus was closed Thursday at 12pm the previous week as there was a credible threat to Jones’s life

b)     Student groups frustrated as message to campus could have been interpreted in a way that implicated student groups

4.     Alumni Board

a)     Developed a report to address low membership

(1)  Name change

(2)  Basic free membership

b)     Approved loan for ne alumni building

5.     VCSA hiring

a)     Received a relply from AVC Agrela

(1)  Payel feels like we should reply, but waiting for CPR

(2)  Address closing the loops on decision processes

b)     Sub-committee to develop policy in response on student involvement

6.     Accredidation Committee met info is online

b.     VP Internal (10 min)

1.     CCG met on Monday

a)     will likely remove cat ban despite numerous delays

b)     Working on getting statistics for PV visitor parking and using 17A for overflow

2.     SHIAC had first meeting

a)     Joel was made chair

b)     10 qualified candidates, selected 3

c)     Student health will be taking over the building that was previously the international center

c.      VP Admin (5 min)

1.     Working on farm school with cleanups which were very enjoyable

a)     Still working on policy with campus and space planning regarding the future of the farm school

2.     Communications Committee

a)      Has developed advertising cards to help student groups and AGS sponsored events advertise on campus

b)     Will be assisting in Mental Health Initiative and Recruitment

3.     Numbers are very low for Council and Exec next year


d.     VP Finance (10 min)

1.     Parking 

              a)  Currently 5 day and night permits 

              b)  Discussion is all over the place and  messy

               c)    Parking  appears to be doubling back on agreements                          made during meetings from AGS perspective

2.     Looking for Business School student to get the tutoring service going… perhaps a hire at $3K to get is setup

e.       VP External (10 min)

1.     Meeting with Sage

a)     Universities outside UC system have similar problems with parking and finances

b)     Meeting with speaker Perez this Thursday about protests

c)     Many admin. have received pay increases despite fee increases placed upon students

d)     Blog is up, more content would be useful

e)     January Regents meeting is at UCR

f)      Contact Greg to get involved

V.       Resolution 11-67 Massive Bylaws Revision (10 min)

Motion to approve, Graham, 2nded 27-0-0 (5-0-0)

VI.  Resolution 11-76 Condemnation of Announced Terry Jones Appearance (10 min)

VII.          Resolution 11-77 Student Regent Reform ( 10 min)

Motion to approve, 2nded, 23-0-0

VIII.   New Business (10 min)

Motion to adjourn Bill, 2nded, no objections

Time Allotted: 87 min


Special Projects

Bill  11-78  To Fund DBA Distinguished Alumni Speaker  ( 10 min)