Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I.            Call to order

II.          Approve agenda (2 min)

Motion to approve Alex, 2nded, no objections

III.        Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

Motion to approve Chris H., 2nded, no objections

IV.  Executive Reports

a.      President (15 min)

1.     Housing

a)     Cat Ban has been lifted as of June

b)     Campus Village

(1)  Rent will be $700

(2)  There is no parking, +88 per month

(3)  Pay for visitor parking and no sustainable transport

(4)  Planning to talk to administration about this

(5)  Lisa attempted to buy the lot but Parking Director Flemming rejected this proposal

c)     Chancellor looking  parking concerns post Stu. Gov. Luncheon

2.     Campus-wide Academic Honesty policy

a)     Brought up in stu. Gov. luncheon

b)     Positive response from Admin

c)     Chancellor will follow up with Academic Senate

3.     Meeting with Parking

a)     Follow-up to look at their data

4.     Campus Climate

a)     System-wide campus climate survey

(1)  Payel will formulate so send contributions to her

b)     Attempted to hire a diverse faculty

(1)  10-yr report shows increase in faculty diversity

5.     Met with Liz Toomey, AVC on University/Gov. relations

a)     Better materials

b)     In district and Sacramento lobbying

c)     Possible Forum on campus

6.     Forum w/ ASUCI president setup post break

a)     Upcoming forums

b)     First on cuts to student affairs

c)     Second on protesting contest

7.     Participated in Lauds and Laurels Alumni Assoc. Selection

8.     GRC received a grant to support wellness

9.     Dean Edley meeting with presidents on events at Davis and Berkeley


b.     VP Internal (15 min)

1.     Recruiting

a)     Outreach to grad communities

b)     Use school recruitment forums

(1)  Great chance to meet people and get involved


c.      VP Admin (10 min)

1.     Exec/Staff Reviews

a)     Expect them soon

2.     Farm School

a)     Met with campus space planning who has rejected our introductory proposal that we thought was more of a white paper

3.     Recruiting

a)     We’re losing a lot of council members and executives next year so recruiting is dire

(1)  Execs and Internal will be targeting particular groups such as the professional schools

(2)  Funding for school recruiting events are essential,

d.     VP Finance (10 min)

1.     Working on getting the budget together for a presentation at the next meeting

a)     Should be presented at the next meeting

2.     Business and finance will meet in the next week

a)     Future resolution to hire someone to start tutoring service

b)     Delivery based pay structure

e.       VP External (10 min)

1.     Very important for grad students to show up for forum tomorrow at 5pm

2.     Blog is up and looks good, has info from all external

3.     Contact Greg if you are interested in National LL position which is open

4.     Next regents meeting at UCR

5.     Give a  presentation on national lobbying to get people involved

6.     Governor announced his budget, of funding if tax increases are passed but cuts if they are not

7.     Ongoing review of Davis events

8.     Lobbying is central to our mission and Greg welcomes council involvement in lobby visits

V.    Ratify previous special projects:  Bill 11-78 (5 min)

Postpone to next meeting, Graham, 2nded, no objections

VI.       New Business (10 min)

Motion to add Bill 12-01, 2nded, no objections

Motion to approve Chris H. 23-0-2

Motion to adjourn Alex, 2nd, no objections

Time Allotted: 82 min