Tuesday, January 24, 2012

 I.            Call to order (5:15)

II.          Approve agenda (2 min)

Motion to add 12-03, 2nded 18-1-0

Motion to add ratification of 11-78, 2nded, no objections

III.        Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

Motion to approve, Annessa, 2nded, no objections

IV.  Executive Reports

a.      President (15 min)

1.     Met with EVC and Chancellor this week

2.     Discussion with EVC on parking

a)     Had considered rent on campus village that rent would be $700

b)     Says students living in campus village will not pay more than $700 including parking)

c)     EVC agrees with us on night/weekends parking and he will follow up with parking

3.     EVC on review of full SFAC budget

a)     Most of budget is fixed

b)     He has SFAC mostly focus on money that can be shifted and therefore can have the largest impact on that money

c)     Will open all student fees to SFAC review

4.     Met with Chancellor

a)     Parking- free night and weekends

(1)  Made argument that parking is being shifty and contradictory

(2)  He considers $33 a month to be expensive for nights and weekends

(3)  Will talk with parking and will talk with Payel on Thursday

b)     UCSA agenda of additional regent

(1)  More committee representation

(2)  More diverse campus representation

(3)  Chancellor can see merits, but must weigh additional costs

c)     Farm school

(1)  Took away we need more space

(2)  Appreciates that we want to preserve the space as historical

(3)  He will follow up on this

5.     Planning with orientations (international and general) have begun

a)     Students want to know what the value will be

b)     Reduce the length and remove sections that are not useful

6.     Let Payel know if you’d like additions to the campus climate survey

7.     Met with VC of Advancement

a)     Volunteered to talk to students, so will be planning a forum with Meredith Michaels, Liz Toomey, and VC of Advancement Greg [Lee]

b.     VP Internal (10 min)

1.     One perspective admin vs. students as opposed to the funding just not being there

a)     Conversation in Humanties Dept. regarding “needs attention” areas

b)     Are we discussing this issue with our constituents?

(1)  From Erik’s perspective our constituents are poorly informed on the state budget

c)     If parking and housing resolve themselves, Internal may address these issues

2.     Working on Mental Health Initiative

a)     Focused on utilizing and informing students about current services

c.      VP Admin (15 min)

1.     Communication committee is contacting council leaders to host School recruitment forums.  Please respond to e-mails and plan your forums, money and execs are available.

d.     VP Finance (20 min)

1.     Budget Report  

a)     Online accounting is gone and will likely not be back for

b)     Presented abbreviated report given that the student gov. accounting is a mess

e.       VP External (20 min)

1.     The next few quarters will contain our primary legislative efforts

2.     Report on lobbying efforts

a)     General report on proposed state budget

(1)  If tax efforts go through $90 million restoration that will mostly got to increased retirement costs

(2)  $200 million trigger to UC if tax increases don’t occur

(3)  With tax increase, 4% increase per year from the state

b)     Student Regent Reform

(1)  18 Regents appointed by governor

(2)  Only 1 student

(3)  Having  multiple student regents would assist in decision making and provide better input

c)     Upcoming events that with funding support for student who would like to attend

(1)  Student Lobby Conference: March 2nd-5th  (Sacramento)

(2)  NAGPS Leg. Act. Days Feb. 26th-28th   (D.C.)

(3)  UC Regent recruitment day  Feb. 2nd (Irvine)

(4)  UC day of Action and Regents Meeting May 17th (Sacramento)

V.         New Business (20 min)

a.      Resolution 12-03

1.     Presentation on business plan for tutoring service

2.     Motion to amend to require updates at every council meeting until completion of employment, 2nd,  18-0-0

3.     Motion to approve Bill, 2nd,   18-0-0

b.     Ratify Resolution 11-78

1.     Motion to ratify Bill, 2nd, no objections

Motion to adjourn, 2nded no objections (6:55)

Time Allotted: 102 min