Tuesday, February 07, 2012

 I.             Call to order

II.          Approve agenda (2 min)

Amend to add Sustainability committee report and Resolution 11-09

Motion to appove as amended Bill, 2nded, no objection

III.       Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

Motion to approve Graham, 2nd, no objections

Add Resolution 11-09

IV.    Executive Reports

a.       President (10 min)

1.      Student Gov, Luncheon

a)      Academic Honesty Policy

(1)   Chancellor working on it, but not present to discuss

(2)   Updates from Grad./Undergrad Dean and Acad. Sen Chair

(3)   Work w/ undergrads for honor code and central source to address cases

2.      Grad. Orientation

a)      Issues with purpose of multiple orientations

3.      Grad Survey

a)      Send e-mail to Payel if you have questions to be added

4.      Requested follow-up on parking and Farm School

5.      One World Concert- looking for students to auditions; looking for 7-8 students/ participants

6.      Victor on CSE: Parking and Academic Honesty

a)      CSE agrees students should get free parking but parking argues usage doesn’t warrant it

b)      Contradictory to argument that previous free system was abused

c)      Focus on work with Chancellor and EVC regarding parking but contradict parking admins arguments in Acad. Senate meetings

d)     CSE agrees inconsistency in academic honesty policy and is working on updating the policy and administrative response


b.      VP Internal (15min)

1.      Working on honor code policy for graduate students.

2.      Resnet making more changes regarding grad. housing

a)      Switching to port isolation

b)      Concerns that this switch will cause people problems and create unnecessary trouble for students

3.      SHIAC Chair Report

a)      Goal in fall to create committee to oversee Student Health  at UCI and provide representation at the system-wide level

b)      Meetings are monthly and ad hoc to accommodate member’s schedules

c)      Plan seems to be popular and is currently over budget:

(1)   Hoping utilization will adjust (undergrad is currently over)

(2)   Health insurance cost will be increasing roughly 4%

(3)   Anthem isn’t doing the best job at proving utilization at the campus level.

(4)   No copay on contraceptives next year

(5)   Perhaps additional coverage for neuroscience healthcare

(6)   If problems contact health insurance office in student health.  If you have problems there contact SHIAC committee

(7)   System-wide seems to be response but campuses can get dragged along with objectives of other campuses


c.       VP Admin (10 min)

1.      Reviews

a)      Please fill out reviews

2.      Comm. Comm. Report

d.      VP Finance (10 min)

1.      SFAC is reviewing expenditures

2.      Working on budget and getting it unraveled

3.      Student Lobby Conf. is coming up

a)      We need to develop a strategy to get republican support

b)      Similar to last year UC funding is tied to tax increase in Governor’s budget

c)      Republicans, similar to last year, will be proposing a budget that does not cut education

d)     We should consider working with Republicans since their budget doesn’t cut UC

4.      Tutoring Service

a)      Working on formal documents

(1)   Tutoring Application

(2)   Student/Tutor Feedback

(3)   Contract

b)      Formalizing payroll management

c)      Working to locate a physical location

d)     Undergrad/Grad Dean offered support for this venture

e.        VP External (10 min)

1.      Recruiting as many students for student lobby conference and developing an effective strategy that targets our representatives March 2nd-5th

2.      UCSA Board Meeting

a)      Met with student regents to discuss student regent reform

b)      Getting non-voting student positions on regent committees

c)      These issues will likely be addressed at May Regent’s meeting

d)     May 17th Regent Lansing is supporting UC Day of Action

(1)   Lots of talk about what students can do to get their agenda as a element of this event

e)      Council is welcome to review budget

f)       State Leg. Liaison: Ana Auger

(1)   Currently working with ungrads to setup lobby visits for SLC

V.     Sustainability Committee

a.       Two major projects

1.      Bio swell through Aldrich park to filter off pesticides

2.      Biogas dry compost facility ($3 million dollars)

b.      Two solar panels that power the ARC

c.       184 recycling bins

d.      Printer cartridge

e.       Regents looking

VI. Resolution 12-02 Council Appointment (5 min)

Postpone to next council meeting Chris H.

Resolution 12-09

Motion to approve, Graham, 2nded 21-0-0

VII.          Resolution 12-04 National Legislative Liaison Confirmation (10 min)

Motion to approve Hanoz, 2nded, 20-0-0

VIII.       Resolution 12-07 Joining the UCI Student Government Strategic Planning Syndicate (15 min)

Amend position as President or President’s delegate, no objections

Motion to approve Chris H., 2nded 20-0-1

IX. Resolution 12-08 University of California Student Association Charter Change (15 min)

Motion to approve Justin, 2nded, no objections

X.    New Business (10 min)

a.       Low contestation of exec elections indicate we need to put more effort into recruitment so that we get more and better candidates.

1.      Comparison with other exec stipends on campuses

2.      Splitting positions

b.      Applications are open for student Regent

XI. Motion to adjourn, 2nded objections


Time Allotted: 117 min


Special Projects:

Bill 12-05 To Fund the Black Grad Student Network BBQ Social

Bill 12-06 To Fund the Queer Graduate Caucus Bowling Night