Tuesday, April 03, 2012

 I. Call to order

II. Approve agenda (2 min)
Motion to move Victor's report on Regents meeting before VP External. Motion approved (9 favor- 4 against- 5 abstain). 
III. Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)
Minutes approved. 
Motion for inclusion of Business school representatives in the Council. Motion to approve by Justin. Seconded by Erik. 20 favor- 0 againts- 1 abstain. 
The business school representatives want to improve communication between AGS and BSchool. 
IV. Revisions of Bylaws (40 min)
Justin motions to increase the time allotted by 20 mins. (15 favor- 9 against- 3 abstain)
Hanoz motioned to include “Council members who proxy are encouraged to mention how they like to vote”  (17 favor- 3 against). 
Justin motions to suspend Robert's rules and use the following rules for presentation of the Erik's and Chris's resolution for "Bylaws for VP Election"
- Chris and Erik will present their resolution, taking not more than 5 minutes.
- Following that, the President will maintain a queue of council members who have questions or comments.
- Each council member can speak upto a maximum of 2 mins
- If there is still time available in the 20 mins allotted, then Chris and Erik can reply to some of the questions/comments.
Chris presented resolution 12-17.
Erik presented resolution 12-18.
Eriks resolution: 10+1 favor - 4+1 against -  4+2 abstain
Chris resolution: 12+0 favor - 3+0 against- 7+3 abstain
Hanoz motions to pass Eriks "Bylaws for VP Elections" as a resolution, that will govern the VP External election today. 
Motion approved (12 for - 6 against - 5 abstain).
NOTE: Get projector when there are so many documents being compared or debated!
V.  Report on the Regents Meeting (5 min)
       - The UC is being outlobbied by others, hence higher education is not a priority for legislators.
       - There are concerns with the changes to health services delivery like increased cost, privacy issues if everything gets elaborately billed etc. 
VI. Election of VP External (20 min)
Following are the candidates, in order of last name
- Christopher Dunkle
- Cinthia Floris
- Victor Quintanar-Zilinskas
Ballots used for voting.
Christopher Dunkle was elected the VP External.
V. Executive Reports
a. President (15 min)
- Went to SAGE in DC for 2 full days of lobbying.
- Discussed Tax issues, including housing, immigration reforms etc. 
- Lobbyed for maintaining NIH and NSF funding; increase humanities funding.
- Meeting EVC about campus village. Meeting VC Parham about the same next week. 
- Attended as proxy for External meetings. 
- One World Concert is on Saturday- please attend! 
- Working on the future of AGS- Erik in strategic planning will handle that. 
- Academic planning group will be formed over the next few weeks, it would include 1/3rd of each grad, undergrad and admin. Five grad members will be chosen representing the different domains/schools. Email Payel if interested. 
b. VP Internal (10 min)
- Happy Grad Project in place! 
- Lowell enumerated all the events and dates, with a short description. 
- Urged people to sign-up for events
c. VP Admin (10 min)
- Communications committee is working hand in hand with internal in getting the word out about the Happy Grad Project. 
- The AGS website is updated, all mailing lists are updated. If any Council member is not receiving emails etc please contact VP Admin. 
d. VP Finance (10 min)
- Endorse Mansoor, if he signed a pledge not to cut education and Co-sponsored a bill for finding funding for the UC system.  
- Concerns about tutoring service violating the Union contract. 
- Graduate dean has assigned someone for setting up a mailing list for AGS.
Payel (President) has to get to another meeting, hence Lowell (VP Internal) chairs the meeting.
VII. Approve the AGS Election dates (3 min) 
IMPORTANT <TODO>: Next time the dates should be approved in advance and the elections should be held during the 4th of 5th week of Spring quarter.
Chris motions to approve the following dates,
April 30 to May 7, 2012 -- Nominations
May 14 to May 21, 2012 -- Elections 
Erik seconds (14+3 favor - 0+0-against - 2+0 abstain).
VIII. New Business (5 min)
Annessa motions to advertise the National LL position, pending Chris’s resignation from the position, seconded.