Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I. Call to order

II. Approve agenda (2 min)

III. Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

Motion to approve, seconded.

IV.     Election of Campus Communication Director (10 min)
- Nicole Pierski nominated for the position of Campus Communications Director.
- Motion to approve Mary, seconded. (17 favor - 0 against - 0 abstain)

- Nicole Pierski appointed the new Campus Communications Director.  

V. Resolution 12-26: PVRC 2012-2013 Election Commissioner Appointment (10 min)

Appointing PVRC Election commissioner is important, however Council is concerned:

- The nominated candidate should attend the next council meeting and talk about how the candidate is qualified for this job.

- Since this is a paid position, AGS will be liable in case something goes wrong- again like to meet the candidate and make sure he/she is fit for the job.

- If the council is not happy about the candidate then the council should appoint a council member who lives in Verano as the PVRC election commissioner.

Chris motions to Table the resolution, seconded. (16 favor-0 against-0 abstain).

VI. Bylaw Revisions: Resolution 12-21 and 12-22 (5 + 15 min)

- Resolution 12-21 suggested the addition of the definition of “simple majority”, the resolution did not pass, and hence was withdrawn.

- Resolution 12-22 was a Bylaw revision for VP Elections. It was reintroduced after failling in the previous meeting with additional changes. Motion to approve by Brian, seconded. (13+2 - favor- 0+0- against - 3+5-abstain). The resolution requires a 2/3rd majority, and hence did not pass.

VII. Resolution 12-23: To Approve the UCSA Budget for the 2012-2013 Fiscal Year (10 min)

- Concerns about Executive Salary, specially the Executive Director Matt Haney. There are mixed opinions, but his high salary creates conflicts within UCSA staff.

- Motion to approve the resolution. ( 4+0 favor  9+4 - against - 4+2 abstain ). The resolution failed and AGS will *not* approve the budget.

VIII. Executive Reports/ Q and A  (10 min)

- Payel is working on a letter to VC Parham expressing why it is unfair for graduate students in CV to pay for parking.

- EVC is supportive for not paying for parking.

- Payel still working on getting free nights and weekends parking for graduate students

IX. Break out session : VP Finance  (25 min)

The three main ideas that emerged:

What should all council members absolutely do?

- Talk to grad students from their constituency about the work AGS is doing, say in social gatherings.

- Idea to have free coffee, during which council members broadcast what AGS is working on.

How to populate the mailing list?

- Have laptops / tablets for people to electronically sign-in at all AGS funded events

- Pilot implementation at the Cinco de Mayo AGS social event

Future of AGS and long term goal?

- Setup a designated committee for lobbying, overseen by the VP External

X. New Business (10 min)

Motion to Adjour by Justin.

Time Allotted: (103 min)

Special Projects:

XI. Bill 12-24 To Fund HGSA Annual Conference

XII. Bill 12-25 To fund Literature { } Religion conference

XIII. Bill 12-29 To fund Business & Technology Conference