Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I. Call to order
II. Approve agenda (2 min)

- Motion by Bill to move PVRC election commissioner appointment after VP Reports- seconded.

- Motion by Lowell to remove the Zot Award Legislation- approved, seconded.

- Motion by Erik to withdraw Bylaw revision, and move it to the next Council meeting, seconded (13 favor- 1- against 2- abstain)

III. Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)
- Motion to approve, seconded.

IV. Presentation by Stacey Murren (20 min)

- Stacey Murren presented her plan of increasing external funding and revenue for the student center. Changes in no-show policy.

- Concil expressed concerns about space not being available for students, and student organizations

- Motion to extend by Justin, seconded.
- Plans for Renovation of Student Center were presented.

V. Executive Reports
a. President (15 min)

- The issue with Campus Village parking is resolved, VC Parham confirmed that the rent including parking will be about $700 for grad students.

- 25% of CV units transfer each year for graduate students, making it a complete grad housing at the end of 4 years.

- Still working with parking for free Nights and Weekends parking. While parking did not want to commit, they are willing to find a common solution, scheduling meetings.

- Advocating for free parking from an academic argument, letter being written with data and arguments

- Holistic health days were successful, 170 to 180 students showed up. Passed on information about all graduate resources for the mental health initiative.

b. VP Internal (5 min)
- Get people to apply to CV, useful for Master students and medical students
- The momentum to convert it into an all grad-housing is important
- Hiring 2 housing assistants right now, so two open positions for grad students.

- Online payment system for all campus housing. Caveat is that it closes at 5pm on the due date. Hence payments still need to be made before 5pm.

- It is linked to the Zot Account. Hence money can get pulled for other sources (say library fine, fees etc). You can mark the amount as ‘housing only’ to avoid such issues.

- Nominate people for AGS Annual Awards

- Zot Award: Council members can give other council members “Zots” for exceptional work, and doing above and beyond. The first Zot goes to Justin, for designing the Happy Grad Project t-shirts and the second Zot goes to Nicki for her exceptional work in advertising the happy grad project.

c. VP Admin (5 min)

- Working with Aaron and Adam to get the AGS election nomination page setup.

- Working on setting up an AGS governed mailing list to publicize AGS events, and communicate with campus about our efforts.

- Electronic sign-in will be implemented at the Cinco-de-Mayo party, with the option to sign-up for the mailing list.

d. VP Finance (10 min)

- Working on report cards with the external committee.

- Cal State University is also involved.

e. VP External (15 min)
- Going to regents meetings
- Report on Davis came out with Yudofs response

- Chancellor of UC Berkeley suggested breaking the UC system and making each school financially autonomous.

VI. Resolution to appoint Council Member

- Justin move to approve, Alex second. (20-for, 0-against-0-abstain)

VII.     PVRC 2012-2013 Election Commissioner Appointment (5 min)

- Chris motion to approve, Justin second. (20-for, 0-against-1-abstain)

VIII. Bill 12-31 To purchase Netbooks for AGS (5 min)

- Netbooks are useful for electronic sign-in at all AGS events. These will help easily populate the mailing lists, conduct short surveys during sign-in about future events and ideas. (20-for, 0-against-0-abstain)

IX. Bill 12-32 To purchase Coffee Cart for AGS (5 min)

- This will allow council members to communicate and reach out to grad students in their respective schools about the work AGS is doing, events AGS is hosting etc, and its FREE COFFEE!

- Alex motion to approve, seconded. (19-for, 1-against-0-abstain)

X. Ratification of (5 min)
Bill 12-24 To Fund HGSA Annual Conference
Bill 12-25 To Fund Literature { } Religion conference.
bill 12-29 To Fund Business & Technology Conference

- Motion to ratify by Chris, seconded. (all-for, 0-against-0-abstain)

XI. New Business (5 min)

Motion to adjourn by Bill, Second.

Time Allotted: 112 min

Special Projects:

Bill 12-30 To Fund Chinese Culture Night
- Motion to amend the amount to $1500, since that is the maximum.
- Passed!