Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I.    Call to order
II.    Approve agenda (2 min)
- Motion to have resolution 12-43 included.
- Motion to have Resolution 12-41 moved before ratification of election.
- Motion to approve by Chris, seconded.
III.    Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)
- Motion to approve by Alex, seconded.
VI.      Resolution 12-43 Council Appointment
- Motion to approve by Chris, seconded (17 for, 0 against, 0 abstain) 
- Ruth Hsu ratified as a council member. 
VI.      Resolution 12-42 Student Center (5 min) 
- Primary goal of this legislation was to make it known that AGS is not supporting this or at least has not taken a stance on this. 
- Perhaps propose and work on a better solution 
- Stacey Murren said that the board decides on the plan of action and Front entry plans have been postponed by a year. 
- AGS concerns about corporatizing student space making it less available for students. 
- Motion to approve by 5 mins, seconded. 
- Representatives to the Student Center Board meeting used to be nominated by AGS- now they have at-large members from the campus and one AGS member. 
- Applications open till end of the week. 
- Annessa motions to table till July (16 for, 1 against, 0 abstain) after which council can decide and take a stance. 
- Point of Information, council members expressed that some committees are difficult to work with including the fact that the schedule/meeting locations/agenda are not made readily accessible. 
IV.    Ratification of the Elections (5 min)
- Social Ecology has no representation
- Zot to both candidates for the the wonderful campaigns and getting the huger voter turn out. 
- Motion to approve by Bill, seconded by Alex (19 for, 0 against, 0 abstain)
V.     Discussion about AGS Elections (20 min)
- Election commissioners report on the election. 
- Voter turn out was excellent. 
- Aaron stepped up at the last minute and made the elections happen by coding and testing everything. Some new features like order of the candidates was randomized, vote counter was added to the main page, etc. We hope to continue relying on this system. 
- Council goes in closed session. 
- To resolve ties (mostly write-ins with single vote)- motion to email students with write-ins and asking them to attend the council meeting. The council can then jointly decide who should fill the position (19 for, 0 against, 2 abstain).
VII.      Resolution 12-37 Bylaws Revisions: Door to Door Campaigning (15 min)
- Motion carries to postpone indefinitely 
VIII.   Resolution 12-40 By-laws revision on Procedure for Vice President elections (20 min)
- Subcommittee comprising of Hanoz and Dan, agreed on the resolution being presented to the council. 
- Chris and Erik propose the following changes 
- Erik motioned to update: For vacancy elections, the majority of "sitting council members" need to vote, Chris seconded. 
- Chris motion to change "it is strongly recommended that they recuse themselves from discussion and voting.", seconded. (11 for, 5 against, 4 abstain). 
- Motion to amend "The voting shall be presided over by an unbiased election officer." to "The voting shall be supervised by an unbiased election officer."  (10 for, 2 against, 6 abstain) 
- Motion by Alex to approve the resolution, seconded. (18+7, 1+0 against, 1+0 abstain) 
- The resolution passes.
IX. Executive Reports
a. President (15 min)
- Happy Grad BBQ was very successful
- Regent Lansing is willing to work with AGS, especially the lobbying efforts with Regents are beneficial.
- International committee meeting charter is being worked on. 
- Justin, Chris, Lowell and Justin attended the History meeting. Concerns about not having enough support. This is a concern for all humanity majors. More people are being recruited than can be supported. 
- Dean Leslie made mailing list available, which will be updated every quarter. 
b. VP Internal (10 min)
- Happy Grad project is now complete. 
- Information Magnets are very well distributed, all housing units will receive a magnet. 
- Council members are encouraged to attend the Verano Housing meeting. 
- The VP Internal next year should work on CV visitor parking, currently there is no free visitor parking in CV. 
- Alex thanked for all the successful social event. End of year party from 6pm to 9pm on Saturday. 
c. VP Admin (5 min) 
- Final Reports from all academic senate committees should be submitted June 15th. 
- Netbooks and electronic sign-in is progressing- we will be able to have something in place over the next couple weeks.
- Have been responding to several emails about VP / Staff positions, which is a great sign of more involvement from graduate students. Information session will be held on Thursday (May 31st). 
d. VP Finance (10 min)
- We now have a mailing list to send out important information about AGS to all graduate students
- Grad students need weekend parking, and this will be a priority. 
- We need a representative in the Student Center Advisory Board. 
- Tutoring service is ready to go. 
- Primetime shuttle service provides shuttle service to SNA and LAX- they are willing to strike a business deal with AGS. 
e. VP External (10 min)
- Met with Dan (Dorr?), money is an issue, we need $65,000 for Environmental Health and Safety. 
- We need to do fund raising if we want this to go out. 
- HUF meeting on May 30th.
- The reasons for us not passing the UCSA budget were communicated. 
- Went to sacramento for lobbying with regents. 
- Congress will be meeting in San Diego.  
X. Ratification of (5 min)
Bill 12-34 Transit Week Funding Request
- Ratified. 
X. New Business (5 min)
- Concerns about New Verano's cat policy, we need to address it.  
Time Allotted: 137 min
Special Projects:
Bill 12-41 To Fund the Interdisciplinary Conference on Researching Equity (ICRE)
- Motion to amend amount to $1,000 by Payel, seconded. 
- Motion to approve by Dan, seconded.