Tuesday, July 17, 2012


TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2012

I.  Call to order

II. Approve agenda (2 min)

         - Erik Tollerud moved to strike item (III), as there were no minutes taken at the transition meeting. Bill Winter seconded the motion. Seeing no objection, motion carries.

III. Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

-  Item was struck from the agenda

IV. Resolution 12-45 for Council Appointments (Social Science, Social Ecology, ICS) (5 min)

           - Bill Winter motioned to amend the resolution to include only Jen Jones, as others mentioned in resolution were not present. Motion was seconded by Chris Dunckle.

         - Resolution passes unanimously.

V. Bill 12-46 for Chief of Staff Appointment (5 min)

         - Resolution passes unanimously.

VI. Bill 12-47 for Social Chair Appointment (5 min)

         - Resolution passes unanimously.

VII. Resolution 12-48 for COD Appointment (5 min)

         - Resolution passes unanimously.

         - Bill Winter motions to suspend rules for Breakout Session. Vishal Patel seconds the motion. Seeing no objection, motion carries.

VIII. Breakout: Icebreaker (30 min)

IX.  Executive Reports

a.            President (3 min)

Justin has been working with Chris and Erik to document all interactions and issues related to graduate parking privileges. Meeting with various administration continue. A letter was drafted for graduate students to fill out and sign talking about the importance of night and weekend parking to them (see below).

b.           VP Internal (3 min)

Lowell has been in touch with the planning committee for graduate orientation, and is working on getting caught up to work on several issues this year, including: a survey seeking feedback on the new health insurance (via UC system-wide SHIAC committee), seeking additional visitor parking in PV, etc.

c.            VP Admin (3 min)

Nicki detailed some housekeeping items for Council members regarding committee preferences.

d.     VP Finance (3 min)

Vishal gave several updates regarding the tutoring service and getting that up and running.

e.      VP External (3 min)

Jen outlined several external related events for the year, including the UC Student Association Congress, Students of Color Conference, Lobby Days, and the continuation of the Legislative Report Card project

X.   Discussion of Parking Letter Writing Campaign (Justin – 10 min)

            Present members were asked to take copies of a letter to be sent to the Director of Parking and Transportation. Letter details the importance of parking to the graduate community and was to be filled out and signed by graduate and professional students.