Tuesday, August 21, 2012


TUESDAY, August 21, 2012

I.                   Call to Order

II.                Approve Agenda (2)

-Sierra motioned, motion carried.

III.             Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2)

-Bill motioned, motion carried.

IV.       Executive Reports

President (10)

Parking: Justin spoke with chancellor’s office, who expressed wishes to get this resolved in an amicable way, while still meeting with VC Brase. There has been a meeting with each of these parties, but no movement has been made by the UC admin. Justin thinks we should send letters to Brase at this point.

Housing: Chancellor meeting: chancellor is looking at the low end of rent, so no change yet, but still he said something.

Council on Student Fees and SFAC: Patrice Kiiru has offered to look at Student fees, and get involved with how SFAC gets access to fees. Justin and Patrice believes that student fees are being misused (against its charter, rules etc.) and they will be looking into it.

Survey re: EH&S and Bookstore:

--EH&S: trying to change food permit system to no longer allow any student group to bring in food from “non campus-approved” caterers or restaurants.  

--and Bookstore: Bookstore has changed name, look and feel after paying a consulting fee of $25000 to a marketing company to do so.

Campus Climate: UC has been experiencing campus climate issues, i.e. Davis, Riverside etc. UCOP has decided to issue a survey on campus climate system-wide. They’ve hired a consulting company led by a Prof. at UPenn, so good there. But not much transparency in how the info will be used, no sharing of data. Concern is that they say student input is being sought, but won’t be sharing data.

UCSA: UCSA is the system-wide Student Association for UC students, grad and undergrad. UCSA Congress happened. Detail campaigns, Justin is Committee Chair for Grad Prof. which gets us extra leverage.

VP External (5)

AFSME MOU: labor union—making an MOU (define) that AFSME will provide them money if students will get surveys filled out.

Get out the vote campaign: Ways to think about if grads can participate—if you are interested please let Jen Jones know.

VP Internal (2)

Housing: Bright orange fence issue. L has been in contact with Directors of Housing and Verano itself…meeting has been set with him and director of housing about the way they communicate and interact with grad students…

Internal: Committee touch-base after meeting. PV Visitor issue will be discussed this year. L will work with PV Director to lay down an action plan to get it remediated

Victor motions to extend time to talk by 5 minutes

Social: Entire list of events for welcome week. Orientation is the Friday before welcome week. Sept. 20th (int.) and Sept 21st (all grads) –

VP Finance (2)

Tutoring Service: student government staff will be supporting the tutoring service payroll and administration for free for the fall quarter. We are ready to roll with a pilot of the full tutoring service.

Budget: working on transparency with budget. In the past, UCI student government offices have not been fully transparent and late with our budget reports.

VP Admin (2)

Seeking people to help update AGS tshirts, website. Also seeking people interested in serving on Academic Senate Committees.

V. Resolution 12-49 Ratifying Food Permit System Letter (5)

-Lowell motions to add an “m” to the sentence beginning “In addition...”. Motion carried.

-Bill motions to add 10 minutes, motion carried.

-Sierra motions to correct error, motion carried.

Y: 20

N: 0

A: 0

VI. Bill 12-50 for Business and Finance Chair Position (5)

-Bill Motions to extend 10 min., motion carried.

Y: 20

N: 0

      A: 0

VII. New Business

-Zots: Justin for Sierra Powell for dealing with Social Science event, Vishal for getting awesome Thai food, Jen who worked real hard at the UCSA congress for representing UCI at Congress

-Lowell motions for Justin to talk about AGS website being converted to a Wordpress website, motion carries.

-Victor: Motion to adjourn, motion carried.


Time Allotted: 35 Minutes, Actual Meeting 50 min.


Special Projects:

            12-51 International Student Committee Budget Funding

Chris motions to vote, motion carried.

Y: 20

N: 0

A: 0