Tuesday, September 18, 2012

 I.                   Call to Order

5:11 pm

II.                Approve Agenda (2)

·         Sierra Powell moved, motion carried.

III.             Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2)

·         Bill Winter moved, motion carried.

IV.             Executive Reports

a.       President (10)

·         Search Committee for new Student Health Center Director – search committee is in place and UCI admin are seeking an AGS or Grad student representative to sit on search committee. Students have complained in the past about the health center and the quality of care, so it’s absolutely imperative to have a student on the committee. AGS has the opportunity to name several possible candidates; Alex Jackson (Bio Sci) and Coral Wheeler (Phys Sci) volunteered to be among the candidates recommended for the search committee.

·         Justin and Jen went to UCSA (University of California Student Association) Board meeting this past weekend. Justin is a part of a committee there called the Council of Presidents (all grad association presidents, and one issue that came up was the refinancing of debt by the state of California. Chancellor Drake says it would give us more money to keep from tuition from going up. Unions have been against the UC co-signing on any loans that would help the State refinance their debt. Justin is looking into the issue for more information.

·         Legislative Report Card – Update is regarding UCSA taking this project up system-wide as a UCSA initiative this year. Regents of UC found out about this UCSA project at their recent meeting, and university Chancellors also heard about it. Consequently, the UCI Chancellor’s office was excited that it’s originally a UCI project.

·         Student Voice Survey – Info on asking students about issues they face. Do any Council members have any ideas on things we should be asking about on student surveys? If so, send to Justin.

·         Parking – We are now in negotiations with parking, with UCI labor relations as a mediator. We now have a timeline on this issue with negotiations. If these negotiations do not go well, we will then go public with this issue using appropriate channels. Also, Justin recently sought additional information on the issue from Carrie Carmody, who was AGS President when the original nights and weekends deal was negotiated for grad students.

·         Question to Justin by Coral Wheeler: Why are unions opposed to debt refinancing?

o   Justin has an information sheet on the unions position that is available to council members.

b.      VP External (10)

·         Jen was with Justin this weekend at Berkeley for the UCSA board meeting this weekend. Three issues were discussed:

o   Regential Reform: There are 3 regent seats for the UC that are opening up this year, so the UCSA is working on forwarding

o   HR 35: Based on a climate survey conducted by the UC system that concluded that the UC is a hostile climate for jewish people. So HR 35 limits free speech against Israeli politics, so UCSA has passed a resolution opposing it on the grounds of limiting free speech.

o   Legislative Report Card: Decided to hold off on releasing it for this election cycle, as the Council of Presidents felt it was unfinished. They are going to put out feelers this year and work on making the report card reflect a rigorous method of hold legislators accountable for votes that take funding away from higher education.

·         Get Out the Vote – UCOP and AFSME has funded the whole system to get out the vote efforts. We are accepting some funds to help get out the vote from them, Jen’s comm. is working with ASUCI to get out the vote (see attached flier for info). Jen details Prop 30 and how it will help keep funding stream for UC.

c.       VP Finance (5)

·         Working on Tutoring Service: pilot service risk assessment, most tutoring will have to be in AGS offices, and tutoring clients will have to not be minors. They have decided to do 3 tutors, phys sciences

·         Preparation for the fall quarter: working with Stacey Murren to work out locations for business ideas that BFC that has been working on.

d.      VP Admin (2)

·         Jen mentioned Prop 30: You can find info on what it is at

·         T-shirts are on order: If you have already signed up to staff orientation, your t-shirt will arrive by end of business this Thursday I will be in my office early Friday morning if you want to pick it up and wear it to orientation.

·         Other t-shirts will arrive early next week. I will send out an email when they’re here

·         Zots from Lowell:

o   everyone who worked on the website

o   Victor and Himanshu for helping stuff orientation folders

o   Sonja Lind for welcome week planning efforts

o   Kevin Bache for orientation planning efforts

V.                All Campus Orientation and Welcome Week Updates – Kevin (10)

·         Council members need to sign up to help man three different sessions. We need one more person to sign up to be a grad student assistant on a tour group.

·         Social event flier blitz @ 8pm at Palo Verde Lounge: need people to come

VI.             International Student Orientation Updates – Pasha (5)

·         Orientation is for international students on Thursday, half day. 5:30-7:30pm reception on Thursday, need some people to help serve food and talk to people. Also looking for someone to do a short presentation on AGS with a slide or two to go along with it.

V.       Resolution 12-52 Supporting Be the One Run (5)

·         Chris moved to extend discussion time by 5 minutes, motion carries.

o   Vote count:

YEA: 25

NAY: 0


VII.          New Business (5)

·         Philosophy and Math Department no longer getting building keys

o   Coral Wheeler to take on issue and reach out to admin and union channels

·         Bill Winter moved to adjourn, motion carried.


Time Allotted: 56 Minutes, Actual 48 minutes