Tuesday, October 16, 2012

 I.                   Call to Order: 5:20pm

II.                Approve Agenda (2)

-Chris moved to conditionally suspend bylaws in order to approve bylaws at next AGS Council meeting, motion carries.

-Justin Chung moved to approve agenda, motion carries.

III.             Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2)

-Alex Jackson moved, motion carries.

IV.             Executive Reports

a.       President (5)

Parking: We’re still trying to get parking to give back night and weekend parking. Negotiations will be happening with labor relations, so that’s still happening. Constituents have been complaining about parking messing with zoning, how spots are allocated. So AGS and ASUCI are talking to stakeholders regarding the possibility of reviving the UCI Parking Oversight Committee. This is due to lack of notice for decisions like shuttle cuts, rezoning of lots, etc.

Student Fee Advisory Committee: Justin has been elected chair of SFAC Committee. This means we will be taking a closer look at how student fees are allocated at this campus. This pool of fees go to services that are not core academic services, this includes athletics, counseling, etc. Some examples of things we haven’t been keeping an eye on are for example, athletics vs. counseling. We give them millions of dollars to athletics but don’t get in for free like undergrads, etc. Athletics: 12 million out of 24 million goes to athletics related things. (also seems that athletics funding comes from SFAC funding)

PDST: We don’t really see our tuition that much as grad students, paid for by others, etc. Tuition fees and student services fee: this makes up tuition total….this is only $12,500 so they levy a PDST on professional students. Every degree has asked for the PDST to be raised, they did seek student input, but they only gave justin and AGS 3-4 days on each to comment.

Prop 30: Justin provides overview of how much money UCI loses if Prop 30 fails. Undergrad tuition goes up by $2,000 mid-year if Prop 30 fails.

-Victor moved to extend by 1 minute, motion carries.

SFAC: Grad student contribute into this pool of money. GSA uses SFAC to fund initiatives for grad students.  One idea that Justin floats is that we could present proposals for a grad student center or grad student life resources at SFAC.

WASC: Justin and Nicki went to Accreditation meeting.

b.      VP External (5)

Voter Registration: Details Get Out the Vote and Voter Registration efforts. Thanks to CalPerk, AGS has a table set up by PV green bridge all this week to sign people up to vote. Also be tabling at the Verano Welcome event. Monday the 22nd is the last day to register to vote.

Prop 30: Jen has been working on how to talk about Prop 30 in a way that reflects our status as a student organization. We have to be unbiased and talk about issues from both sides, but we can talk about how students are affected financially if it passes vs. if it fails. It basically cuts out 27% of all funding for UCI and for grad students.

Students of Color Conference: Conference on November 9-11. See Jen if you’re interested in presenting research on related issues, or just to attend the conference (AGS will pay for students to attend).

c.       VP Finance (5)

Tutoring Service:  Are working through issues on having to perform background checks on tutors so that they can potentially tutor minors (legal issue). UCI PD can tell us if people have already have UCI sponsored background checks. So for any masters students we hire we may have to do background checks. Pasha brings up issue that some background check need to be redone every so often. They are also looking at expanding service so that it’s not just sciences that we provide tutoring for. We have had some friction from departments giving students permission to work as tutors, etc.

PAB: We are working (Coral helping) to get a Memorandum Of Understanding between AGS and University regarding our relationship with the Pub.

d.      VP Admin (5)

V.                Approve AGS Annual Budget (10)

-Chris Dunckle moved, motion carries.

VI.             Breakout Session – Lowell (20)

Identifying big collaborative and combative issues we need to work on:

-TA issues

-public transportation

-lack of a grad student space (grad student life resources) on campus

VII.          New Business (5)

a.       Zots: Social Committee, Laurie, Tim, Justin, Sonja

b.      John Yoo: Proposes to move meeting to 5:30pm

                                                              i.      Chris Dunckle moved, motion carried.


Time Allotted: 59 Minutes, actual 76 (extra 10 added during breakout)

Special Projects:

1.      12-53 Brewing Class (Chris Dunckle and Kevin Bache)

-Jen Jones moved, motion carries.

2.      12-54 Funding for Dhrupad Concert (Spicmacay)

-Victor Q.  moved to amend to $1000

-Chris Dunckle moved, motion carries.

3.      12-55 UAEM Conference

        -Chris Dunckle moved to reduce amount, motion carries.

        -Justin Chung moved we write a letter of support to medical school, seeing no objection motion carries

        -Chris moved to approve request with reduced amount and with letter of support, motion carries.