Tuesday, October 30, 2012

 I.                   Call to Order: 5:30pm

II.                Approve Agenda (2)

-Justin motions to add to Resolution 12-58 Laura Belliveau as a Business School Representative

-Kevin Bache moved, motion carried

III.             Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2)

-Sierra Powell moved, motion carried

IV.             Approve AGS Bylaws (5)

-Kevin Bache moved to approve, motion carries

V.                Executive Reports

a.       President (5)

Election: general election Prop 30 spiel. Prop 30 passing or failing will impact climate of governance at UCI, availability of funding for grad students, tuition for undergrads.

Student Fees Advisory Committee: Justin makes appeal for internal committee to look at campus services and see what percentage of those resources are allocated for graduate students.

Parking: AGS is still in negotiation with labor relations. Labor Relations has offered a solution: have parking just give out extra codes to students once they run out of their 5 nights/weekends a month for free parking.

b.      VP Internal (5)

PV Visitor Parking: Internal Committee is working with PVRC to author and execute a parking survey in Palo Verde. They are surveying students to come up with data on student parking, and to see whether expanded visitor spots in PV is a viable option based on student parking patterns.  

Representation to Student Health Insurance Plan: Systemwide committee manages our health insurance plan choices. Near end of quarter feedback will be solicited by graduate students. Any issues with health insurance can be emailed to Lowell so that committee hears about it.

Social Committee: Event on Saturday Nov. 3rd: Halloween/Dia de los Muertos Party at PV Community Room.

Zots: Tim and Alex Jackson for coming to work on CV issue last week, Two zots to Victor for sending out stuff related to tutoring service.

c.       VP External (5)

Non-Partisan Voting Guides: Jen handed out cards external committee made non-partisan voting guides for Prop 30 and Prop 32. They committee will try to hand out these cards to grad student mailboxes and lounges around campus.

d.      VP Finance (5)

BFC Committee: Conducted thorough audit of last year’s expenditures so we can make better projections for this year and forward. They corrected some late and mis-categorized expenses.

-Question by Kevin: How do we figure out how much money we have remaining for food for the year? Answer: it’s pooled with other committee expenses.

Tutoring Service: Almost set up to hire tutors, have found some candidates for tutors to hire.

e.       VP Admin (5)

Communications Committee: Will meet on Friday

Professional Staff Expectations:

VI.             Resolution 12-57 Appointment of Campus Communications Director (5)

-Bill Winter moved to extend time by 5 minutes, motion carries.

-Vishal Patel moved to extend time by 5 minutes, motion carries.

-Chris Dunckle moved: Y: 25, N:0, A:0

VII.          Resolution 12-58 Appointment of Bio Sci Representative and Business School Representative (5)

-Chris Dunckle moved, Y: 25, N:0, A:0

VIII.       Discussion on Campus Village Housing Transition Letter (10)

Chris Dunckle moved to extend 20 minutes, motion carries.

Nicki Pierski moved to extend time 5 minutes, motion carries.

Moved to move discussion to ad-hoc committee after this discussion that we express our opinion on the decision, and add language pertaining to the issue of needing to look into overall affordability for grad students, and that committee be tasked with putting that in writing.

Nicki Pierski moved: Y:24; N:1; A:0

Ad-Hoc Committee: Trevor, Justin, Chris, Coral, Tim

IX.             New Business (5)

No New Business

X.                Update from Student Regent Designee (3)

Designee is not here


Time Allotted: 62 Minutes; Actual 95 Minutes


Special Projects:

1.      12-59 TEDxUCIrvine (5)

Chris moved, Y: 15, N: 0, A: 0; Motion Carries.

2.      12-60 Global China Connect (5)

Chris Dunckle moved to amend funding amount to $500, Y: 12; N: 0; A:3

Chris Dunckle moved, Y: 14, N: 1, A: 0; Motion Carries.

3.      12-61 Surhabi (5)

Chris moved, Y: 12, N: 0, A: 2; Motion Carries.