Tuesday, November 13, 2012

  I.         Call to Order 5:35pm

II.     Approve Agenda (2)

            Kelsey moved, motion carries

III.     Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2)

            Kevin moved, motion carries

IV.   Executive Reports

A.        President (5)

CV Letter: CV pause is happening, none of those requests detailed in letter are necessarily happening

Parking: Received a first offer from parking, in the process of considering a response

Met with Wendell Brase (head of parking transportation, etc.) Justin met with him, Justin will be looking to invite reps from Parking and Trans. to give perhaps quarterly updates to Internal Committee

B.       VP Internal (5)

Survey: looking to get more info on grad student life and affordability, if you know people who are having financial issues or compelling stories about grad life, and are willing share their stories we’d be interested in compiling them

C.        VP External (5)

       Went to UCSA meeting: UCSA Legislation Committee is considering working on:

         H.R. 5078, Higher Education Affordability and Equity Act

      • Grad student stipend tax exemption

      • Possible campaign for CA

    • The Federal Research Public Access Act of 2009 (FRPAA) (S. 1373 and H.R. 5037)

      • Open access academic research

    • Grad student loan forgiveness

D.       VP Finance (5)

Antutors: tutoring service is officially launched, link to website sent out to council. Looks like it will be light work on our UCI staff, Vishal has talked to our Student Government office; we will need someone to help take care of bookkeeping, etc.

E.        VP Admin (5)

Coffee cart is in full swing, need someone to attend as AGS rep to Bren Board meeting (Bill Winter volunteered)

V.                Ratification of Bills 12-53, 12-54, 12-55, 12-59, 12-60, 12-61 (5)

Justin moved to approve all together as a group, motion carries

VI.       Coffee Cart Updates (2)

 VII.       New Business (5)

Zots: Victor Erica Chris Nathan Scott Bill Justin

VIII.               Presentation on recent student rally (5)

Take Back UCI presented an issue they encountered during recent student rally, have written a draft resolution regarding free speech and are asking for a council member to consider sponsoring said resolution

Coral Wheeler has offered to sponsor resolution

Vishal moved to extend time by 10 min, motion carries

Lowell moved to extend time by 5 min, motion carries

Victor moved to extend time by 5 min, motion carries

Justin moved to amend language of resolution, motion carries

Nicki moved to approve with amended language Y: 21; N: 3; A: 0

Nicki moved to adjourn, motion carries

Time Allotted: 46 Minutes


Special Projects:

1.        12-62 To Fund the Electric Run (5)

Chris moved to reduce to $600, motion carries

 Coral moved to previous question, motion carries Y: 18; N: 1; A: 3