Tuesday, November 27, 2012

  I.                   Call to Order

II.                Approve Agenda (2)

Vishal moved, motion carries

III.             Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2)

Sierra moved, motion carries

IV.                Executive Reports

a.       President (5)

Justin is out purchasing a fridge to help us minimize committee food budgets.

b.      VP Internal (5)

Internal Committee is putting the final touches on a PV parking interest and usage survey. It will be a short survey to assess people's usage of PV parking and visitor parking. It is in a draft form and is being finalized. Interim Director of PV Beverly Chaney is rolling out some flex spots for PV visitor parking. 

A second survey is in the drafting phase: this is a comprehenisve survey examining financial issues facing graduate students. Committee still coming up with questions, lengths, etc.

Social has its holiday party happening at the pub this Saturday, there is a Facebook event page, etc.

c.       VP External (5)

Jen is helping UCSA in finding a website for the legislative report card. 

Lobbying updates: Jen is putting together a superstar lobby core to go on local rep visits, as well as the big Student Lobby Conference on March 2-4, 2013.

d.      VP Finance (5)

Antutors: Safe to say we are officially launched. Advertisement on campus has rolled out with fliers, marquee signage by Student Center, student email listservs, ARC TVs will showcase ads for tutoring service as well.

e.       VP Admin (5)

V.                Ratification of Bill 12-62 (5)

Vishal moved, motion carries unanimously.

VI.                Communications Strategy (5)

Nathan, Campus Communications Director, has passed around a draft AGS Communications Strategy for Council to consider and give feedback. A copy can be made available to Council members from Nathan by emailing

 VII.       New Business (5)

Zots: Nathan

Justin is still negotiating on behalf of AGS with Parking and Transportation. He is seeking Council members to help be on a Parking Negotiation Team to help him review potential outcomes/compromises. Any interested members of Council/AGS should email Justin at

Upcoming is a AGS Council Member Retreat being planned for February 9th.

<<Added to Agenda: 15 minutes brainstorming session on topics for AGS retreat, new t-shirt ideas, and if AGS should/could distribute info to visiting student weekends in spring>> 

Time Allotted: 44 Minutes, Actual  minutes