Tuesday, January 22, 2013

  I.         Call to Order 5:34PM

II.     Approve Agenda (2)

Nicki moved to strike Resolution 13-04 from agenda (moved to next agenda), motion carries.

Victor moved to approve agenda, motion carries.

III.     Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2)

Minutes to be approved at next regular council meeting (Feb. 5th)

IV.   Executive Reports

a.             President (5)

a.      Administration is looking again at GSRs and compensation: payscale for that is determined by UCI and some member of admin have decided to look at pay levels differences between GSRs and TAs, Grad Division is on board to get more info.

b.     Parking: worked with Labor Relations and Chancellor’s Office, the agreement is in a position where it’s ready to be finalized by council.

b.       VP Internal (5)

a.            Retreat Update: Saturday February 9th: SAVE THE DATE There will be food, fun event in the evening (optional), daytime is mandatory for council members

b.                 Survey: if anyone has ideas for incentives for people to take the Internal survey, talk to Lowell. Questions will be about everything: income, health, social life, etc.

c.                 Happy Grad Project: This is a spring quarter series of events co-sponsored with Grad Division, Housing, Counseling Center, etc. AGS will likely plan one or two events of its own. So that will be upcoming for Internal Committee.

c.        VP External (5)

      Governor Brown proposed budget for 13-14 with no major cuts to UC. There are discussions on restructuring of CA state debt by giving some of it to the UC, and the state paying the UC more money every year to cover the payments.

Concerns about online education: there has been discussion about extending online classes in the system, there has been some negative feedback from students regarding that

Victor moved to extend time by 5 minutes, motion carries.

d.       VP Finance (5)

Antutors: Graduate tutoring service having trouble with getting students and getting it going. Need help from council generating topics for BFC committee. Haven’t tried New University yet for advertising.

Victor moved to extend time by 5 minutes, motion carries

e.        VP Admin (5)

a.       Coffee Cart Update: Coffee Carts have been added to the AGS Google Calendar

V.   Resolution 13-01 Graduate Student Night & Weekend Parking Agreement (5 actual 13) Nicki moved, motion carries.

VI. Resolution 13-02 To Advocate for Improvements to UC SHIP (5)

Coral moved, motion carries.


Lowell gave a zot to all those helping plan the retreat, Alex gave a zot to Erica for helping bio sci find a date to host the coffee cart.

VII. Special Projects:

a.        Bill 13-03 To Fund the CSSA Chinese Culture Night (5)

Time Allotted: 49 minutes