Tuesday, March 05, 2013

 I.       Call to Order

II.    Approve Agenda (2)

SIerra moved, motion carries.

III. Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2)

Bill moved, motion carries.

IV. Presentation on Professional Development – Dean Leslie (30)

Professional Development efforts by Grad Division, provided statistics on graduate student placement rate

V.    Executive Reports

a.       President (5)

Had meeting with Parking and Transportation to discuss advertising night and weekend parking

b.      VP Internal (5)

The Internal Survey is about ready to go; Internal will start planning Happy Grad project soon

c.       VP External (5)

Updates on Legislative Report Card, state level legislation, sequestration

d.      VP Finance (5)

Updates on website updates for Antutors

e.       VP Admin (2)

VI. Ratify Funding Bills 13-04; 13-05; 13-06; 13-07 (5)

Y:26; N:0; A:0

VII. Resolution 13-11 Elections Scheduling (5)

Y:26; N:0; A:0

VIII.   Update on Healthcare (10)             

IX. New Business (5)

Time Allotted: 81 minutes

Special Projects:

a.                     Bill 13-08 To Fund Nowrouz Celebration (5) 17; 0; 0

b.              Bill 13-09 Funding for Food and Science Test Kitchen (5) 17; 0; 0

C.           Bill 13-10 To Fund Women in Business Talent Show (5) 17; 0; 0