Tuesday, April 16, 2013

 1.     Minutes from last meeting – tabled, no minutes

2.     Introduced new council members from Arts and Business School

a.     Anand and Alyssa (Business), Sakina(Arts)

3.     Victor moved to amend Resolution 13-14, no objections, carries

4.     Vote on amended Resolution 13-14 – motion carries, unanimous

5.     Executive reports

a.     President

i.     Free parking for nights and weekends – sending out email in next couple weeks

ii.     Bagel day

iii.     Wine night: letter of support from Parham

b.     Internal

i.     Healthcare

ii.     Housing increases

iii.     Happy grad

c.     External

i.     UCSA meetings – Legislative report card ready to release

ii.     PDST buyout – to reduce rising cost for professional students

iii.     UCSA Grad staff member

iv.     NAGPS conference

d.     Finance

i. BFC is working on a possibility of organizing a competition for undergraduate business majors for "on-campus business plans".  
ii. I'm working on setting up an internal wiki system to document information from various committees. The main purpose of this will be to document important information that is otherwise unavailable to new execs / staff, etc. 

e.     Admin (absent)

6.     Breakout session: Events to attend as a group

a.     Task force created to develop a juicing day

b.     Boat party at end of quarter

7.     Healthcare

a.     UCI deficit is in high bracket

b.     Students may be responsible for paying the deficit for their campus

c.     No lifetime pharmacy caps achieved

d.     Scenarios

i.     Banded approach – separate grad and undergrad by campus

ii.     Flat percent increase – increase deficit

e.     No current plan to pay off deficit

f.     Contact Lowell with comments for SHIAC committee

8.     Additional notes from President

a.     Lobby against Steinberg SB-540

b.     Faculty workload proposal: Current faculty teach more classes, lobby against

c.     SA/GD Data retrieved (income and rent for each grad student)

d.     Idea: Grad Student Space

e.     PDST – minimize tuition increase for professional students

f.     Idea: Potential use of student service fees for awarding travel grants through AGS

g.     Idea: Interdisciplinary research conference with cash rewards

9.     Resolution 13-15

a.     AGS appoints/nominates someone to run elections

b.     How to allow non-student residents to vote online

c.     Victor moved, motion carried.

d.     18:0:0, resolution approved

10.     Ratify Bills 13-08 to 13-13

a.     Lowell moved to approve all, motion carries.

11.     New Business

a.     Vote

b.     Nominations for council staff positions

12.     Lowell motions to adjourn, Victor seconds

13.     Special projects

a.     Bill 13-16 to fund HGSA Conference

i.     Sierra moved to amend funding to $600, motion carries

ii.     Victor moved to approve, motion carries.

iii.     Motion approved at $600, unanimous

b.     Bill 13-17 to fund trans-scripts

i.     Sierra moved to approve, motion carries.

ii.     Motion is approved at $150, unanimous

c.     Bill 13-18 to fund UC comparative Latino studies workshop

i.     Sierra moved to amend amount to $650

ii.     Kevin moved to amend to $500

iii.     Nathan moved to amend to $200

iv.     Voting: vote for each value you are okay with providing (to amend)

1.     650: 9, 500: 5, 200: 2

v.     Victor moved to approve at $650, motion carries.

vi.     10: 3: 0

d.     Bill 13-19 Funding for Pt. Nayan Ghosh Tabla Concert

i.     Victor moved to amend to $500, motion fails

ii.     Asiya moved to amend to $450, motion carries.

iii.     8:1:0

e.     Bill 13-20 to find quantitative Microdevice journal club

i.     Sierra moved, motion carries.

ii.     Unanimous