Tuesday, April 30, 2013

  I.       Call to Order 5:33pm

II.    Approve Agenda (2) 

Victor moved, motion carried.

III. Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2)

Sierra moved, motion carried.

IV.    Executive Reports

a.       President (5)

Professional development updates: Dean Leslie continuing her efforts to improve professional development for graduate students. Justin asks if Council would consider crafting a resolution pertaining to how important this is and what challenges there are to students seeking professional development opportunities. Sierra and Nathan will be working on a draft resolution.

Kevin and Justin applied for micro-grants for social and cultural series of events that we want to try out. Another way to try out smaller events. Social committee would help small groups walk through planning and advertising assistance.

Kevin and Justin also applied for grants to help fund graduate student travel grants. 

Healthcare adjustments are being voted on tomorrow at the UC system level--we are hopeful that no harm will come to grad student benefits under the plan. 

AGS sat down with AVC of OIT to discuss Cisco NAC issues faced by people on housing. Justin asking Council to brainstorm ways to keep OIT aware that this is a continuing issue for us.


b.      VP Internal (5)

AGS Awards: what they are, nominations due May 12th (one award is reserved specifically for grad students who are not part of AGS)

Happy Grad Project (Health and Wellness Initiative): there will be a pool party, a health and wellness day, other events, a trivia night, etc. Formal calendar to follow.

c.       VP External (5)

Jen passed around copies of the UC-SA system-wide Legislative Report Card. Copies have been included of these finalized copies to the Regents packets, and in the next round of lobbying in Sacramento.

d.      VP Finance (5)

BFC is planning a business plan competition for undergrads in Business School (open to other majors as well). Planning for a Fall competition, hoping the output of that will be useful to BFC.

BFC working on a wiki to record AGS institutional knowledge. Vishal will email this around so we can keep track of things we've tried in the past, etc.

Updates on Antutors: had a few student contacts, outlines potentially difficulties.

e.       VP Admin (2)

CCD and Justin are going to meet with new Grad Division Communications person to discuss potentially working together on communication more effectively with grad students.

  V.   Resolution 13-21 to Ratify AGS Presidential and Council Elections Results (5)

Lowell moved, motion carried.

Y: 22; N: 0; A: 0

 VI. Bill 13-22 to Increase AGS Executive Compensation (5)

Bill was tabled pending further discussion by a task force. 

Coral moved to extend time by 5 minutes, motion carries. 

Task force on AGS structure and compensation members: Lowell, Nathan, Kevin, Vishal, Erica, Jen, Victor, Coral, Justin

Coral moved to table Bill 13-22, motion carried.

  VII. Bill 13-23 Special Projects Bylaws Revision (5)

Nicki moved to amend to a resolution (as AGS cannot amend future budgets--next year's budgets haven't been set yet) with wording "Let It Therefore Be Resolved that AGS Council recommends that", motion carries.

 Victor moved to table, motion carried.

VIII.    Resolution 13-24 In Support of Open Access (5)

Kelsey offers to sponsor bill.

Kevin moved to extend 5 minutes, motion carried.

Lowell moved to question, motion carried.

Y: 16; N: 0; A: 1

IX. Ratify Bills 13-16 To Fund HGSA Annual Conference; 13-17 To FUnd Trans-Scripts; 13-18 To Fund UC Comparative Latino Studies Workshop; 13-19 To Fund Pt. Nayan Gosh Tabla Concert; 13-20 To Fund Quantitative Microdevice Journal Club (5)

Lowell moved, motion carried.

Y: 16; N: 0; A: 1

IX. New Business (5)

Zots: to Tim for editing and doing coding for the legislative report card; Zot to Lowell for dealing with election bullshit; Zot to Kevin and Justin for writin travel grant application

Jen moved to adjourn, motion carried.

Time Allotted: 56, Actual 67 minutes