Tuesday, May 28, 2013

 I.       Call to Order: 5:42pm

II.    Approve Agenda (2)

Kevin moved, motion carries.

III. Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2)

Jen moved, motion carries.

IV. Report from Task Force on Reorganization (20)

Task Force presents draft plan of reorganization to redistribute tasks among vice presidents and staff positions to better reflect the duties they are currently performing. Lowell presents a plan for reorganizing areas of programming and advocacy, including adjusting pay levels to reflect number of hours expected for each VP and staff member, and moving Social Chair to VP level.

Straw Poll Vote on new scheme: 18 in favor, 0 against, 1 abstention

Members with questions or concerns can talk to execs, there is a breakdown of proposed duties for each position in AGS office. Proposed budget for Council 2013-2014 will reflect these proposed changes and will be presented at the next meeting. 

V. Resolution 13-25 In Support of Increasing Academic Support of Graduate Student Career Planning and Professional Development (5)

Y: 18; N: 0; A: 0 

VI.    Executive Reports

a.       President (5) 

Good news: 1) Justin has raised $55,000 from the Chancellors Office and Grad Division to use to support travel grants for those whose home departments can't provide the necessary funding; 2) Multi-Disciplinary Symposium of graduate and professional student research is happening for next year ($7,500 in prize money has been pledged thus far, aiming for $15,000 in total prize money for presenters); 3) Justin has obtained tentative permission (pending review) to look at using Barn near the ARC for programming and events

Bad news: Campus is moving to possibly remove the current operator of the pub, concerns that Aramark might be a potential replacement

b.      VP Internal (5)

Finished up Happy Grad Project last weekend, held 5 events in total; BBQ on Saturday was really well attended; Glad to see that turn out well because it supports grad students AND was a great opportunity to advocate for grad students and work with admin on campus as partners to help grad students

AGS gives awards to grad students and staff/faculty at the UCI Campus Partners Banquet; awardees included grad student Jiawen Lee, grad student Sonja Lind, Professor John Hipp and Leigh Poirer Ball of the GRC.

c.       VP External (5)

Attended Student Regent interviews

Lobby visits in Sacramento: one of the main issues advocated for was professional student fee affordability; also the Legislative Report Card was rolled out and got some press coverage

d.      VP Finance (5)

Vishal handed out a financial summary of the year, we are $75,219 ahead for this past year due to saving on committee meeting food, etc. Just suggests starting to think about what capital purchases we could make that would benefit grad students in the future

Vishal is continuing work on a wiki so we can keep institutional knowledge in house

e.       VP Admin (5)

End of year wrap up: coffee cart, communications strategy, working better with campus partners on communications

Communications update: Nathan met with Wida, new Communications person at grad division and one thing that came out of the meeting is grad mailer is going to be re-imagined

Info session for VP and staff positions will be Monday, June 3rd at 1:30pm at AGS Offices. If you're coming, RSVP to Nicki, if you can't make it email Justin. Elections for new VPs will be June 4th at 5:30pm in Student Center Room Newport Bay B

  VII.   Welcome to New Council Members (10)

Prezi given by Justin on What is AGS (AGS is the recognized Graduate Student Government at UC Irvine)? What we do: advocacy and events. List of hierarchy, committees, etc.

VIII. Orientation Survey (5)

Kevin is one of the reps on the Orientation Committee. He will be sending Council a quick survey on what new grad student orientation should look like

IX. End of the Year Presentation (10)

Justin presented a year in review Prezi for council

X. New Business (5)

Zots: Zots are your opportunity to recognize fellow AGS and grad students helping out the community. Today's zots: Trevor, Sakina, Asiya, Laurie, Coral, Lowell, All of Internal Committee, VPs, Sonja

Time Allotted: 74 Minutes