Tuesday, June 18, 2013



I.    Call to Order 5:31 PM

II.   Approve Agenda (2)

Justin moves to have Resolutions 13:31, 34, 25 tabled for next meeting, motion carries. Kevin moves to approve, motion carries.

III.  Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2)

Kevin moves to approve, motion carries.

IV.   Executive Reports

a.                 President (5)

President has acquired funds from the dean’s office to fund a multi-disciplinary graduate student symposium.  Symposium will take place around March 13-14 and will include prizes for grad student presenters. Students will prepare 10 min presentations to be given to a broad audience.

Erica motions to table remaining reports, motion carries

V.    Ratify Bills 13-29 To Fund Golf Cart for Transport of AGS Supplies and People; 13-30 To Fund Mounted Television for AGS Offices (15)

Council reads bill and attached documents.  Trevor presents information regarding motivations for purchases.


Insurance? University liability insurance, AGS member can still be sued

Computer for TV displays? Apple TV wireless. Can be taken to events.

Surplus? Estimated $20,000 surplus. Purchases would be capital investments that would save money in the long-term.

Use/storage? Golf cart would be parked at student center.  Possible sign-up sheet for use, countersigned by executive officers. Promise of no maintenance costs.

Scott moves to amend to $5000, motion carries

Objection: Why 5000? Scott – cart may be insufficient for needs.

Coral moves to extend time by 5 min, motion carries.

Truck instead? Truck maintenance costs/gas would be significant. At this price a quality vehicle could not be purchased. Accessibility on campus is an issue with a truck.

0:18:0 – Amendment does not pass

22:1:0 – Bill 13:29 passes

Justin moves to extend time for TV bill for 15 min, motion carries.

Coral moves to approve Bill 13:30, motion carries

25:1:0 – Bill 13:30 passes

VI.   Staff Appointments (10)

a.      Resolution 13-31 to Appoint Campus Communications Director (tabled)

b.      Resolution 13-32 to Appoint Campus Organizing Director

Motion to approve, motion carries

26:0:0 – Resolution 13-32 passes

b.                Resolution 13-33 to Appoint Legislative Liaison

Motion to approve, motion carries

26:0:0 – Resolution 13-33 passes

d.      Resolution 13-34 to Appoint Chief of Staff (tabled)

e.      Resolution 13-35 to Appoint International Committee Chair (tabled)

VII.   New Business (5)

Chief of staff appointment: Staff member will help with meetings, and letter/email writing duties of president.

Motion to adjourn, motion carries, 6:49 PM