Tuesday, July 02, 2013

 I.                   Call to Order – 5:40 PM


II.                Approve Agenda (2)

Kevin moved to approve agenda, Bill seconded, motion caries

III.             Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2)

Kevin moved to approve agenda, Shea seconded, motion caries


IV.             Executive Reports (10)


a.       President – UCI is in ‘doctoral growth mode,’ which may not be in graduate students’ best interests considering only 50% have jobs upon graduating.  There is currently only one person on campus working to help graduate students find jobs. The president of the Alumni Association is interested in inviting people from industry to the Symposium, which could increase graduate student interest and participation.


b.      VP Finance – Orientation Committee met to determine what’s happening with orientation. In response to AGS’s feedback, two hours of programming were cut.  However, the Orientation Committee decided to fill those two hours with new programming, ignoring concerns about the length of orientation. Short-term and long-term plans on how to respond were discussed.


c.       VP Internal – The AGS website was updated to include more information about parking. There is now a page with instructions for signing up for RideShare and the “Request Additional Night and Weekend Parking” page had been revised. Ron Fleming (Director of Transportation Services) approved the changes.


V.                Discussion of Grad Parking Program (20)

Explanation of RideShare and GradPass

Need to advertise parking opportunities to graduate students


VI.             Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Symposium Update (2)

Already covered in the President’s report

Everyone needs to be willing to help out


VII.          Staff Appointments (5)


a.       Resolution 13-35 International Committee Chair Appointment

Candidates: Roger Lloret, Henry Samueli School of Engineering

19;0;0 – Resolution 13-35 passes


b.      Resolution 13-36 Appointment of AGS Project Manager

Candidates: Alexandra Race, School of Biological Sciences

19;0;0 – Resolution 13-36 passes


VIII.       New Business (5)


a.       AGS Directory: Trevor reminds everyone to fill out the Google Document with their information. It will be sent out again in the fall to include new committee members


b.      AGS Shirts: Justin conducts polo vs. T-shirt poll, and T-shirts win (Polo: 2; T-shirt: 6; Abstain: 4). 


Bill moves to adjourn, Phillip seconds, motion caries, 6:30 PM

Total time: 50 minutes