Tuesday, August 13, 2013


  I.       Call to Order – 5:43 PM

II.    Approve Agenda (2)

Erica motions to approve, motion carries

III. Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2)

Jen motions, motion carries

IV. Resolution 13-37 To Approve Rebecca Thompson as a Council Member; Resolution 13-38 Approval of Student Center Board-At-Large Members (10)

13-37: Jen moves, motion carries – passes 22:0:0

13-38: Jen moves to consider, carries.  – passes 22:0:0

V. Update on Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Symposium (15)

Half of goal funding obtained.  March 14 date is no longer available at Student Center.  Every Friday into March is an option, on reserve.  Straw poll – middle of spring quarter if preferable.  Please inform constituencies about symposium.  Justin will send a summary out to be forwarded to constituencies. 

VI. Update on Grad Wiki (15)

Wiki will be advertised in mass email in first week of school.  Council members chose pages to edit during council meeting.

VII. Update on Council Bonding Event (3)

Wikipedia party! Next Wednesday at 6:30 in AGS offices.  Food, drink, and Wiki editing.  Prizes for showing up and for completing pages.

VIII.    Executive Reports

a.              President (3)

UCSA: Napolitano controversy at UCSA – we will need to make a stance.

Justin was elected to system of presidents at UCSA.


b.      VP Internal (3)

Student center meeting – cannot get room for symposium on March 14.  Grad Survey in final stages, will be sent out soon.  New button on AGS site to find out how many parking passes you have.

c.       VP External (3)

UCSA Congress last weekend.  Campaign decided upon: Professional development (Jobs!).  Some constituents want to denounce Napolitano’s appointment.

d.      VP Social (3) Justin

Calendar will be sent out.  Obtained use of the barn.  Collaborative events with USC, UCSD.

e.       Programs Director (3)

Einstein’s will donate bagels. 

VP Finance – Justin

Travel grants are up and running.

IX. Voting for New AGS Shirt Design (6)

Trevor advocates for shirt A.  Nicole advocates for shirt B (pudgy anteater).

Secret ballot vote: 8 to 8.

X. Resolution 13-39 Commending Stacey Murren (5)

Jen moves to open resolution for consideration, motion carries.

Carries 22:0:0

XI. New Business (5)

Discussion of Napolitano resolution.


Time Allotted: 78 minutes


Jen motions to adjourn, motion carries.  6:54 PM.