Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

  I.  Call to Order – 5: 37 PM

II.  Approve Agenda (2) Coral moves to approve, motion carries

III. Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2) Jen moves to approve, motion carries

IV. Executive Reports

a.            President (5)

·         Chancellor will feature grad guide as one of the top 5 coolest things happening at UCI

·         Grad Guide needs to be useable by Grad Orientation – council members will contribute

·         Representatives are asked to publicize AGS events

b.            VP Internal (5)

·         Survey is almost ready to go out

·         General feedback page is being created

c.            VP External (5)

·         Returned from UCSA board meeting – report on best practices being made for JOBS! Campaign

·         A vote of no confidence was not made in regards to Janet Napolitano

·         Jen elected to University Affairs committee

·         Tim elected as Environmental Liaison

d.           VP Social (3)

·         Wine and cheese mixer for orientation is finalized

e.            VP Admin (3)

·         Site for Symposium will be up by orientation

·         Next council meeting is October 8

f.             VP Finance (3)

·         New committee for special projects, no longer happening in council meetings

Justin suggests amendment to agenda to include presentation by student regent.

Kevin moves to amend agenda, motion carries.

Justin suggests amendment to agenda to include 5 minutes for an update on orientation.

Kevin moves to amend agenda, motion carries.

Student Regent presentation:

·         1. PDST taskforce.  Professional students pay supplemental tuition based on their school.  Some students are unable to repay student debt.  Professional students can’t get TAships.  Late November is next meeting of PDST taskforce.

·         Mental wellness is a major issue

·         UC Diversity pipeline: improvements for undergrads getting into grad school, graduate retention, and job opportunities after grad school.

Orientation update: Council presence is important, representatives should stay as long as possible.  9am-4pm plus wine and cheese event afterwards.  Sign up sheet created.

V.     Resolution 13-40 Appointment of AGS Chief of Staff (5) Kelsey moves to being Res 13-40 to the floor, motion carries.  Resolution passes, unanimous

        Resolution 13-41 Appointment of National Legislative Liaison (5) Justin suggests tabling, candidate not present.  Erica moves to table Res 13-41, motion carries.  Jen objects, no support

VI.    Update on Grad Wiki Event (3)

Dan and Kelsey win Amazon gift cards!

VII.   Symposium Progress Update (10)

·         All schools have donated except humanities, social sciences, and business

·         Academics: workin on applications, presentation judging, and application review process

·         Outreach: Securing funds, speaking with industry reps, sending out first batch of letters for invited speakers this week

·         Communications: Site will be ready by orientation, flyering during Fall quarter, application ready to go

VIII.  Update on Graduate Student Mental Health Concerns (10)

·         Mental health expenditures contributing to insurance deficit

·         Held meeting with counseling center

·         Issues with emergency services

·         Students may have 8 appointments per year

·         Center needs more space

·         Information about center is hard for students to find

·         Waiting for demographic stats from center

IX.     New Business (5)

·         Alexandra will sit in on CSE meeting for Nicki

·         ZOTS! Katrina and Will (finding and outreach extravaganza!), Aaron (mental health subcommittee work), Erica, Trevor, and Alexandra (stuffing orientation folders)



Time Allotted: 66 minutes




Jen moves to adjourn, motion carries: 6:50 PM