Tuesday, October 08, 2013

  I.  Call to Order at 5:37 pm

II.    Approve Agenda (2) Kelsey moves to approve the agenda, motion carries

III.   Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2)  Aaron moves to approve minutes, motion carries

IV.   Executive Reports

·                President (5)

·                Introductions

·                Commendation for social committee

·                New Provost – new method for distributing funds to deans using metrics of success

·                Student gov luncheon—chancellor enthusiastic about symposium – ideas to improve professional development at symposium

b.      VP External (3)

·        Meeting with Janet Napolitano at end of month. 

·        Students of color conference coming up in Nov.

·        NAGPS helps make national decisions – meeting coming up in 1 month – Sonali will be going – looking for more funding for additional reps.

c.      VP Finance (3)

·        Welcome week was awesome.

·        Travel grant advertising help

d.      VP Internal (3)

·        Survey ready to launch asap

e.       VP Admin (3)

·        Communications director

·        Symposium advertising – council please help flyer

VP Social – orientation was awesome.  Welcome week parties went well, no issues.  Outdoor club just started.  Trip to vegas in the winter – bus to vegas with hotel block.

V.     Approval of Resolution 13-41: Appointment of National Legislative Liaison (10)

·        Tim moves to bring to the floor, motion carries

·        Resolution passes, unanimous (23:0:0)

VI.    Bagel Day Update and Signups (10)

·        Successful event!

·        Help needed – please sign up

·        Volunteers: John Cuffe, Aaron Briley

VII.   Discussion of AGS Open House (10)

·        Success at orientation, many people involved.

VIII.  Budget Approval (10)

·        Table for next meeting – will be sent out 3 days prior to next meeting

IX.     New Business (5)

·        Gov shutdown – sites not working for applications

·        1 seat on student health advisory committee

·        Clubs: deadline for fee payment for clubs in 2 weeks

Kyle moves to adjourn, motion carries

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 PM



Time Allotted: 66 Minutes