Tuesday, November 05, 2013


I.  Call to Order – 5:40 PM




II.    Approve Agenda (2)






III.   Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2)


IV.   Executive Reports

a.    Campus Organizing Director (2)

        b.      VP Social (3): Halloween party was a success, Holiday party next

        c.      VP External (3): Napolitano demonstrated support for graduate students and post docs.  Money for graduate students. Support for reps for national conference available.

        d.      VP Finance (3): Special projects funding for graduate student events.  New method – no council member needs to sponsor project, new web form instead of PDF form. Justin moves to extend time by 10 minutes, motion carries.  Funding committee invites people in to discuss their project.  Timeline for requests (2x per quarter).

        e.      VP Internal (3): Palo Verde housing manager does not know about visitor parking problem, hears problems about resident parking.  Possibility of councilor in graduate division.  Erica moves to extend time by 2 minutes, carries.

        f.       VP Admin (3): Symposium email went out to students, now recruiting faculty, campus organizing director found, money taken out of pay checks in advance by housing – financial aid issue.  Public health representatives interdisciplinary programs program representatives. 

        g.       President (5): Justin relays experience at Napolitano visit. 


V.      Resolution 13-45 To Elect Abinaya Murugesan as Communications Director (10)

Abinaya is familiar with website.  Shares ideas for communication strategies.  Justin clarifies the job description.  29:0:0


VI.    Update on Council Retreat (10)

Next Wednesday at 6pm.  Bring ideas for what you want to accomplish this year in council.


VII.   Resolution 13-46 In Support of UC Irvine's Open Access Policy Initiatives (10)

EScholarship improves citation index, can host student publication and dissertations.  Workshops will be done in departments for this resource.  Upload-a-thon event.  Able to upload datasets.  Distinct from Archives (must be UC affiliated faculty, post-docs, grad students). 

28:0:1, resolution passes


VIII.  Ratify Bill 13-44 Funding request for OCGWIS Event (5) 

Unanimous vote in funding committee for fund the event.  30:0:0, bill passes

Coral moves to pull bill to the floor: Kevin moves to amend -- Bill 13-47, sponsored by ***. Motion carries.  Erica point of information: Is funding distributed after council vote? Yes. 30:0:0, bill passes


New Business?

Funding request revision? Funding committee given authority to fund at their own digression? Concerns about removing ratification step from council.  Idea: Council votes on funding budget.  Funding committee – join it!  Idea: timeline including council meeting before event for ratification, publicize this.


Time Allotted: 61 minutes

Coral moves to adjourn, motion carries. 6:58 PM