Tuesday, December 03, 2013

  I.  Call to Order –5:34 PM

II.    Approve Agenda (2)

III.   Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2) – Kelsey moves to postpone to next meeting, carries

IV.   Executive Reports 

        b.    VP Social (3)

Thanksgiving event went well.
Any objections to Christmahaunakqanzica (sp?) party name?
One more party before the end of the quarter.
Las Vegas event and trip to Temecula.

        c.    VP External (3)
Students of Color Conference attended
Professional Development projectunderway.

        d.    VP Finance (3)
Special pojects

        e.    VP Internal (3)
Survey open until end of quarter.

        f.     VP Admin (3)
211 abstract submissions for symposim.
Investiating representation for Public Health and other unrepresented grad groups on campus.

        g.    President (5)
Funding issues for grad students – provost discussed with Deans – Grad Division will investigate guarantees
New issue – grad guarantee for funding
5 year guarantee but time to degree is 7 yrs in some programs.
International students required to advance early.

V.      Resolution 13-48 In support of National Congress Call in day for GradsHaveDebt2 Campaign (5)
Goal is to inform legislators of grad student issues.
Call happens tomorrow.
Only undergrad debt is capped at 6%.   Grad debt is floating.
Vote: 30:0:0

VI.     Resolution 13:51 Supporting the UCOP 2014-15 Operating Budget plan (10) 
Plan to be proposed to senators for budget allocations
Coal moves to strike second resolved clause, motion caries.

VII.    Resolution 13:52 To Approve the UCSA Budget for the 2014 Fiscal Year (10)
Vote:  31: 0: 0

VIII.   Special Projects

          a.    Bill 13-49 Funding Request for collaborative writing workshop group (5)
No objections for passing bill.

          b.    Bill 13-50 To Fund Faultline: A Journal of Arts and Literature (5)
No objections for passing bill.

IX.    New Business (5)

Justin: UCSF Sociology is under Nursing, Soc students are asked to TA for no pay.

Trevor: External members supportive of President Napolitano’s focus on graduate students

Coral: UAW bargaining – 3% increase (not on top of cost of living inflation), meetings to discuss class size, housing, attempts for year-long appointments, discussion of pay through fellowships for undocumented students, support for gender neutral bathrooms.

Potential security camera installations around offices.
Poll: Numerous objections in straw poll.

Coral moves to adjourn, motion carries, 6:31 PM