Tuesday, January 14, 2014

 I.  Call to Order : 5:40 PM

II.    Approve Agenda (2) : Laurie moves to approve agenda, motion carries

III.   Approve Minutes from Previous Meetings (2): William moves to approve Nov 5, carries.

IV.   Executive Reports 

        b.    VP Social (3)
Winter wonderland event. $10-15 pay in.  Sold out. Suggestions for spring event welcome.  People asked for more similar events. 
Jan 25 trip to Temecula. Late Feb bus trip to Vegas.

        c.    VP External (3)
Student Regent applications being accepted.  UC survey for professional development.  Gov. Brown gave 4.5 billion increase.

        d.    VP Finance (3)
Travel grant aps open and special projects just closed.  Keynote speakers in progress for symposium.

        e.    VP Internal (3)
Survey closed. Will result in resolutions. 20% participation. 

        f.    VP Admin (3)
Campus Quad. New Events Calendar on AGS site.

        g.    President (5)
Dan Doros meeting – grad students unsatisfied with food options.  Doros: fringe groups not happy. 
Will moves to extend time by 5 min, carries.
Financial results from survey? Primarily rent
Speech training for symposium presenters courtesy of Chancellor.
International students: large increase in undergrad pop. More ESL training = more TA positions?
UAW monthly membership meeting 6-8 pm – soliciting opinions on bargaining.
Additional grad funding guarantees – will ask pres. Napolitano.

V.    Discussion of Smoking Policy (10)
UCI changed stance on e-cigs.
E cigs can help people quit smoking.
Web resolution will be provided soon.
Housing will try to evict smokers potentially.
May have effects on recruitment.

VI.    Symposium Update and Applications (60)
April 18. 200 apps – 100 speakers.
2 weeks to review applications.
10-12 applications per person.
Return excel spreadsheet.
Comments used in event of ties.

VII.   New Business (5)
Erica asks for motion to approve Dec. 3 min.  Nicki moves, carries.
Erica moves to ajourn @6:53, carries.

Time Allotted: 99 minutes