Tuesday, January 28, 2014



 I.  Call to Order: 5:36 PM

II.    Approve Agenda (2): Kelsey moves to approve, carries.

III.   Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2): Rebecca moves to approve, carries.

IV.   Executive Reports 

        b.    VP Social (3): Kyle absent.  Temecula trip went very well.  Taking suggestions for brewery tour.  Las Vegas trip at end of Feb (21st).  15th – pajama party at the barn!

        c.    VP External (3): Jen absent. Tim going to Merced next week.

        d.    VP Finance (3): Travel grant app closed.  Will inform winners about delay in award.  100 apps in last round of travel grants.

        e.    VP Internal (3): Next week will update on health insurance.  Bystander focus group of grads (green dot program needs grad volunteers).  Need reps for grad council.

        f.    VP Admin (3): 2 absences per quarter, 5 total.  Will be following up with everyone to determine what committees you’re involved in.  Will vote to remove people from seats for non-participation next week.

        g.    President (5): Funding for grads for 5 years, news delivered by Dean Leslie on behalf of Provost.  New news – progress is being made but guaranteed. Securing location for next year’s welcome week – indoor event.  Make sure you have turned in your symposium applications.

V.    Ratification of Web Resolution: Bill 13-53 Funding Request for OCGWIS Event (3): Unanimous pass

VI.    Special Projects Bill 14-04 To Fund the CSSA Chinese Culture Night [[29:0:0]]; Special Projects Bill 14-05 To Fund EMBS Graduate Student Industry Night [[30:0:0]] (10)

VII.  Resolution 14-01 In Support of University Efforts to Increase Financial Support and Security for Graduate Students; Nicole moves to amend – “53% of non-PhD students” in third clause.
Que: Admin read our resolutions.  66% on 14-03 is for Ph.D. students.  Clarify the first point.  More specific resolutions will be brought forward in future meetings.  Shea moves to table resolution to amend language, carries.

 Resolution 14-02 To Advocate Collection and Publication of Graduate Career Placement by Departments;
Will encourage departments to improve placement. Some departments already post this info – see how they do this.  Talk to office managers.
Kevin moved to amend to add “for” after advocate in resolution clause.
Shea moves to amend, “and make data available to current and prospective students, AGS, and external groups.”, carries. Resolution passes: [[30:0:0]]

Resolution 14-03 Acknowledging Affordable Housing Issues; Mesa court expansion paused.  Rent is not less than 30% of grad income.  Shea moves to define affordable in last clause, objection (Philip), does not carry. Erica moves to amend amendment: “Availability of affordable (as defined federally) housing options…”, carries.  No objections to amendment.  Shea moves to amend to “66% of PhD students”, carries.  Philip moves to add language regarding housing availability in Verano/PV.  Kyle moves to amend: “relative affordability” in 5th whereas, carries.  Kelsey moves to table resolution, carries.

Resolution 14-06 To Address Campus Climate Issues (30).  Are issues addressed in departments? Most are campus wide opt-in programs.  More specific numbers can be provided in additional resolutions.  Should wording be more specific so these are not thought of as isolates issues?  Do council members have access to survey data? à data is confidential but summaries will be provided by internal.   Aggregate data will be available.  Shea moves to add language to include isolated incidence in third clause “the ongoing existence of a systematic hostile environment”, carries.  Resolution passes [[28:1:0]]. 

VIII.  New Business (5)

a.       Zots: Internal committee!  Kristen Rower (sp?)! Erica.


c.       Diversityville in late march

Time Allotted: 72 minutes: Kelsey moves to adjourn at 6:59 pm, carries.