Tuesday, February 11, 2014

  I.  Call to Order 

5:34 pm

II.    Approve Agenda (2)

Nicki moved , Kelsey second

III.   Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2)

Kelsey moved, Nicki second

IV.   Executive Reports 

        b.    VP Social (2)

Pajama Party- Heat lamps. Vegas- Hotel discount expires on friday, UC Riverside also joining. Pub and Palo Verde parties. Spring quarter and Welcome week in the process of planning.

        c.    VP External (2)

Tim meeting President- Phd 5 year guarantee- Set up a program to benefit all. Hiring company and grad student to put up a UC wide survey. Will talk to Internal committee to avoid overlaps.

        d.    VP Finance (2)

Kevin sick. Special projects- deadline 14th February

        e.    VP Internal (2)

More resolutions. Hiring sociology students to get a better idea. Gship and medicare, met with director of student health care- allow medical waiver and keep only dental, might have resolution ready soon. Director might give a joint statement. Housing- More inclusive applications, Family committee being formed, headed by Sonali.

        f.    VP Admin (2)

Attendance of council members looked into. Resolution to open up seats. Look at work done by members in committees external to AGS, and update. If interested to help with symposium, email Erica.

V.     Presentation on Graduate Health Insurance by Alex Keena (15)

Chair of Health Advisement committee. Talks about changes in GSHIP plan. Extended hours on Saturday. 20% increase in premium next year. Quotes from insurance brokers to see if a deal better than UC SHIP.

Asks council about their opinion on stocking certain drugs at the Student Center. Most of them feel minority can not be compromised

VI.    Resolution 14-07: To Appoint Wind Woods as a Council Member (5)

Art school. Served a similar role in both undergrad and grad. Shares experience about dealing with diversity issues in the past. Already involved in Internal Committee.

Passes 30:0:0

VII.   Resolution 14-08: To Vacate Council Member Seats for Failure to Provide Representation (10)

Never show up. Not involved in any AGS committee.

Needs two-third vote of present members.  Passes 21:0:0

VIII.  Internal Subcommittee Legislation: Resolution 14-03 (Tabled on Jan. 28): Acknowledging affordable housing issues; 

Made all the changes from last meeting. Students spend half the income on rent, guideline is one-third. Resolution is to mainly prioritize the issue, and clarify that AGS be involved in the planning processes in the future.

Amendment :  28:0:0

Resolution passes - 30:0:0

Resolution 14-09: To Increase the Availability of Counseling Services;

Suicide rate is high among grad students. Amend to make it look like its a temporary solution and not the final one. Till more staff is hired by counseling center. Debate on how many extra staff position.

Amendment:  30:0:0

Kyle moves to extend 10 minutes. No objections. Discussion continues about the waiting time.

Jen moves to table the resolution. Veronica seconds. Passes 30:0:0

Resolution 14-10 To Commend Ron Flemming (20)

Title changed to “Insupport of the GradPass System” Trevor explains how it has been useful and will continue to expand the collaboration with TDS in the future.

 Passes 29:0:1

IX. Symposium Update (10)

Arthur Riggs keynote speaker. 86 applicants with 2 yes.

X. Bagel Day Update (5)

Alexandra needs more help. Council members can fill out signup sheet.

XI.  New Business (5)

         a. Zots

 Tim, Rob, Danny,Erica, Abi, Katrina, Social committee clean up

Jen moves to adjourn at 6:59pm, Shea second.