Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

  I.  Call to Order : Called to order 5:36 PM.

II.    Approve Agenda (2): Motion to approve agenda, carries.

III.   Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2):
Nicole moves to amend agenda – Erin zot – carries.
Sonali moves to approve minutes, carries.

IV.   Executive Reports 

        b.    VP Social (2)
Vegas trip was a success.  Future trips need to reduce ticket price or recruit more people.
Mardi gras party at pub this weekend. Space party in PV March 15.
Next quarter: zot zone takeover, Newport beach evening bus route

        c.    VP External (2)
ASUCI may leave UCSA.  UCSA meeting this weekend, all able to attend.  April 4-7 is Student Lobby Conference.

        d.    VP Finance (2)
Put the word out about special projects schedule.  $5000 donation for symposium.  $1500 from alumni association.

        e.    VP Internal (2)
Happy Grad coming up, let Nicole know if you want to help. Housing meeting with Lisa Cornish in regards to how gender identity is handled.

        f.    VP Admin (2)
Academic senate seat open – let Erica know if you’re interested.  Help recruit judges for symposium.  Symposium notifications sent out.

        g.    President (5)
Relationship with admin is good, needs to be maintained.  Professional development tasks force progress, looking for ways to log grad job placement.

V.     Update on Chancellor Search Committee visit (10)
Campus day – Pres. Napolitano and search committee come to campus, all students/admin/faculty welcome to bring asks to the committee.  We will bring 5 students to explain our position. 

Justin suggestions – professional development, housing costs, but including more broad requests.  Students can submit suggested candidates. 
Kyle moves to extend time by 10 min, carries.
More asks, tolerance and diversity are important.  Ask if they have worked with students in past.  Maintain housing quality and livable cost.  Perhaps more broad question regarding thoughts on housing situation/affordability.  Sensitivity to student financial needs (stipends, debt, housing, etc.).   5 year plan.  Candidates can be asked to meet council.  Natural reserves/core facilities.  How they handle civil issues?  Student autonomy.

Volunteers: Sonali, Trevor, Nicole, Coral, Alexandra, Kelsey.  Professional: Karl,

Group will meet to put together final asks and will bring to council.

VI.    Internal Subcommittee Legislation: Resolution 14-09 To Increase the Availability of Counseling Services (Tabled on 2/11): All issues from last meeting addressed.  Resolution passes: [[23:0:0]]

Resolution 14-01 In Support of University Efforts to Increase Financial Support and Security for Graduate Students (Tabled on 1/28) (20)
Shea moves to amend (xxxxxxx), no objections.  Resolution amended. Resolution oases [[23:0:0]]

VII.   Bill 14-11 To Elect Joseph King as Data Analyst (10)
Internal hiring must be approved by council. Need help analyzing data from survey for use in leg., etc.
Joe: will take requests from subcommittees for types of data needed. 
Justin: Survey was huge success with admin and a lot of work has gone in to it. 
Specific projects: Campus climate gender identity.  Do demographics play a role in mental wellness, professional development.
Final document at end.  Internal will bring specific questions to council next meeting.  How was Joe chosen – internal decided, he is already involved in the project and has training, we don’t want to open up data to outside sources.    
Hours per month – 8 hrs/week. 40 hrs/month. 
Open up for other members to volunteer or apply?  Already late in doing this.  Most appropriate to give position to someone in internal. 
Scott moves to amend legislation to add request for updates to council.
Coral moves to extend time by 5 min, carries.
Scott moves to modify amendment – 1 report per quarter for staff. Amendment carries.
One presentation at end of appointment?  One quarterly report per staff will be separate resolution. 
Amendment discussion closed.
Vote on amendment to amendment.
LET IT BE RESOLVD THAT Joe give a report at the end of his tenure: amendment to amendment fails [[7:7:6]]
LET IT THEREFORE BE RESOLVED THAT he gives bi-weekly reports
Will moves to extend time by 4.  Fails.
Debate closes on amendment. [[2:14:0]] FAILS
bill: [[21:0:1]]

VIII.  New Business (5)

         a. Zots

Trevor (x2, one from kyle), Erica, nicki, becka, coral, lori (bagel day).  Coral (Roberts rules).  Erica (meeting running).

Symposium judges needed.  Help needed for bagel day.

Motion to adjourn at 7:04, carries.


Time Allotted: 64 minutes