Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I.     Call to Order – 5:38 pm

II.    Approve Agenda (2) approved.  Amended to have item 7 after exec reports. 

III.   Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2) approved

IV.   Executive Reports 

        b.    VP Social (2) – Space party this weekend, great party last week.  Full calendar of events for next quarter, find on website.

        c.    VP External (2) – Meeting with Napolitano, high on her radar.  SLC is coming up – tell Tim if you want to be on it. 

        d.    VP Finance (2) – Funding committee met, special project requests are in agenda today.  Shea wants to know how these numbers compare to national averages.

        e.    VP Internal (2) – Preliminary data analysis from internal. Gender based stress is an issue.  Housing has more inclusive identity options.

        f.    VP Admin (2) – Next meeting April 1st in this room.  Everyone is welcome to submit legislation/topics for discussion.  87 RSVP’d presenters, flyers for everyone, still looking for judges. 

        g.    President (5) – MSBATS, program increasing tuition this year under PDST.  PDST policy is problematic.  Regents meeting is next week.  Elected student reps not able to give substantial feedback.  Pres. Napolitano meeting last week – violence against women act, tuition increases.  Bring opinions/concerns to Justin.

VII.    Resolution 14-16 In Support of UAW 2865 (10)

Motion to pass resolution carries.  Strike as a result of unfair labor practices.  Intimidation (filming, emails), bargaining issues.   Goals, help create fair bargaining. Large proportion of our constituents have voted for this strike. Strike is one of only ways to create pressures.  Quality of TA work can suffer from increased class sizes.  How will strike directly affect admin? But students are hurt more when quality of teaching is poor. It is illegal for police to film us, very specific cases when it is legal (must be able to prove they have cause for concern for illegal activities).  Other bargaining issues – child care, discrimination, economic. 

Shea moves to extend time by 5 min, carries.

Trevor moves to remove second to last clause, Shea seconds.  Moved to discussion.  Language is there to display AGS support.  Called to vote: 20:5:1. Amendment passes.

Important that strike is strong and successful. Can students be fired for participating in the strike if they do not attend a class/lab. Would be illegal for university to do anything to the student for participating in the strike.  Could dock student pay for that day.

Are people comfortable with the language?  Are these unfair labor practices? Sonali moves to amend resolution to include “allegedly illegal” labor practices, carries.

Trevor moves to table resolution, no second.

Are we generally in support of the strike? Will discuss next week.  Trevor moves to table, carries. 

Web resolution? Shea objects.19:7:0.  Tabled.

V.     Report on International Graduate Students based on the 2013 AGS Campuswide Graduate Student Survey (10)  -- report based on Internal committee survey data.

Social/dating: Int. students less happy but more optimistic about future.  Cultural differences, language barriers make it hard to create close friends.  More well dispersed locations for socializing around campus.  Cars, less likely.  Non-alcohol centered events may help.  Council of small nationalities.  Some int. stud. can not get on campus housing.  Speed dating was a good event. 

Council should read the report before next meeting.  Can discuss more.

Forced to advance earlier.  Less able to get fellowships.  Unaware of childcare services.  Unhappy with food options.  Insurance can be used more efficiently.

How to release this information? Justin will present to admin.  Will post on facebook.

Coral order of the day.  Discussion ends.  Talk to Roger for more information.

VI.    Update on Chancellor Search Committee Asks (10) – Justin will email link to council with the ask draft.

VIII.   Special Projects Bills (20 min. total):

a.    Bill 14-12 To Fund the Nowrouz Celebration (5)

Kelsey moved to approve, carried.  Kevin moved to amend sponsor to Scott Sellars, carries.  Funding committee under budget.  Great event with a lot of history.  Vote: 25:0:0, passes.

b.   Bill 14-13 To Fund the One World Concert (5)

Shea moved to approve, carried.  $5 per grad student.  A large turnout.  Yearly event.  Vote: 25:0:0, passes.

c.    Bill 14-14 To Fund April Ethnography Workshop (5)

Kyle moves to approve, carries.  Small budget.  History of bringing out grads.  Provided evidence of events success.  Many departments.  Vote: 25:0:0, passes.

d.   Bill 14-15 To Fund March Ethnography Workshop (5)

Shea moves to approve, carries.  Same event a before.  Vote: 25:0:0, passes.

Tell your constituents we have special projects money!

IX.  New Business (5)

         a. Zots: Robert Lim, Danny (last name?) (from Tim), Melissa and Grace, Sonali for recruiting TWELVE JUDGES, Roger for report, Erica (invitations and flyers), INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS FOR REPORT., Julie Kim for running pub party, Justin Oneil, John undergrad, Sonali, shea, rabecca for attending asks meeting.  Jack Meenie (sp?) for getting the hot sauce.

 Coral moves to adjourn, carries.  7:15 PM.

Time Allotted: 74 minutes