Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Tuesday, April 01, 2014

 I.     Call to Order – 5:34 PM

II.    Approve Agenda (2) – Coral moves to approve, carries.  No amendments.

III.   Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2) – Coral moves to approve, carries. No objections.

IV.   Executive Reports 

        b.    VP Social (2) – Zot zone takeover this weekend. Newport bus route proposed.  Picnick in park on Friday.  Picnic in park at end of year.  Social meeting on Thursdays this quarter.  Suggestion, put location for meeting for bus tour on Facebook.

Kelsey moves to add discussion of staff person to agenda, 10 min, carries.

        c.    VP External (2) – Meeting this weekend in Sacremento, lobbying.  Tim will lead.  Meeting with Napolitano next week, send discussion items to Jen. Grad professional development survey coming out soon, please fill out.

        d.    VP Finance (2) – special projects due Friday. Travel grants due next Friday.  Tell everyone! Met with Dan Doros.

        e.    VP Internal (2) – Fill out form to work at Symposium, link was sent out.  ASK YOUR ADVISORS TO JUDGE.  Jen will send list of judges to council.

        f.    VP Admin (2) – New business reps, welcome.  Abstract book sent for printing, available online soon, bios of presenters.  FLYERS AND INVITATIONS: TAKE THEM!

        g.    President (5) – Does anyone want to meet Common?  Yes, people do want to meet Common.  Some of you might be able to meet Common.  Doctoral conference to decide priorities for UC doctoral students.  Justin will be there.  Student note takers needed for conference April 15th 8-5 (Sonali, Melissa).  One World Concert this Friday at 6PM in Crystal Cove.

V.     VP Social transition (10) – Kyle leaving for Maryland.  Kyle is great and we will miss him. Kyle is not dying.  Ad will go out in Grad Mailer, we will have a council election.  Thoughts/candidates should be sent to Justin. 

VI.    Resolution 14-16 In Support of UAW 2865 (15), Tabled on 3/11, revised.  -- Coral moves to approve, carries.
Discussion:  Strike this Thursday, April 3.  Legal strikes: sympathy or unfair labor practices.  Strike called due to unfair labor practices.  Union has filed charges.  Key: intimidated workers.  University refused to bargain over 18 rule and class size.  Major concerns about last resolution draft have been corrected (allegations referenced).  Jen: Supportive, AGS not getting too involved, would like to see movement on this issue.  Dillon: Letters submitted in support of strike.  [[22:1:4]] resolution passes.

VII.  Discussion of hiring AGS staff person (10) – Many new programs set up this year.  Not sustainable for future AGS staff and execs.  Paid staff don’t do all of the administrative events and programs, much more done for asuci.  Would be structured more like academic senate – council makes decisions and staff carry out.  Asking for permission to raise money to hire staff person.  Job description emailed out.  Details: Hired on contract, up to 3 yrs.  Person reports to admin at UCI, core staff have made sure job description ensures they serve students, not admin.   MOU with student affairs: relationship is purely admin.  Hiring committee will be made.  Person would be taking stuff off over ever exec’s plate.  SFAC would get funds for payment.  Not going to asuci pro staff meetings, etc, only working for AGS, office in student gov suite.  Provides stability for future programs in case future AGS sucks.  Some programs may end if AGS doesn’t do their part of the work.  UC cannot fire someone because they don’t want to pay for them.  Is $60,000 competitive?  Yes.  Suggested length: 1-2 years.  Preferably 2. Supervisor = AGS President.  Institutional memory. 

Shea moves to extend by 3 min, carries.

Advertising 12 month position, people will not be in it for a career position.  Smaller group to discuss details formed.  Shea is going to the small group.

Justin will make funding request next week.  Hiring committee to start right after.

VIII.    New Business (5)

a.     Zots: 2 Kyle (abstract book), Abi for form, Bill for judges

b.     Bagel day, please sign up to help

Jen moves to adjourn, carries 6:33 PM

Time Allotted: 49 minutes