Tuesday, April 15, 2014


 I.     Call to Order

II.    Approve Agenda (2) – Nicki moves to approve, carries.

III.   Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2) – motion to approve, carries.

IV.  Bill 14-17 To Extend Joseph King’s Appointment as Data Analyst (10) – kyle moves to approe bill, carries.  – Joesph highlights his work so far.  Homosexual and transgender people have less positive experiences at UCI.  Women report more gender-based stress at work.  Latinos are happy with their experience.  Career center, men less satisfied.  Housing, dissatisfaction with visitor parking.  Rent issues at ACC.  Questions: Future studies – help for individual subcommittees.  Can provide tips for how to improve the survey.  Can provide basic descriptive statistics.  This appointment more focused on writing reports.  Already agreed to help next year.  Recruiting more people? Need to keep confidential, recruit within Internal.  Vote: [[27:0:0]]

V.   Executive Reports 

        b.    VP Social (2) – ZotZone takeover, lots of pizza, great time.  After Symposium, grad night in LA, details on webpage.  Final approval for evening bus route pending, grads and undergrads, $5 round trip per person.   

        c.    VP External (2) – Jen in Oakland meeting with pres.  Tim – Student Lobby Conference, passed resolution in support of UCSC strikers.  UCSA stance to give GSR right to unionize.  Sara Lone on prof. task force.  Veronica met with Bob Huff, Sarah gave speech on student debt. 

        d.    VP Finance (2) – travel grants just closed. Special projects met.  Working on symposium.

        e.    VP Internal (2) – Working on symposium. Need more people to help out.  Need more time keepers.

        f.    VP Admin (2) – Symposium stuff.  Welcome to new business reps. 

        g.    President (5) – Symposium stuff.  PDST appointment, let Justin know if you have concerns about student tuition/fees.  Campus day for new chancellor.  Students who came did amazing with their presentation, made an impact on hiring process.  UC wide conference on doctoral support today – stipends and housing and funding guarantees.  Sonali and Melissa volunteered to help note takers for this session.    

VI.     VP Social election (20) – Kyle leaving next Wednesday.  Position will extend until July 1, then new council will run another election.  Elections work like this: nominations; question/answer/intro, candidates decide who goes first; statements close, council asks questions (10 min); next candidate comes in, repeat.  They go outside, council discusses, secret ballot. 

Nominations: Warren Ortega, Alexandra Race.

Alexandra: Started ags in social committee.  Familiar with upcoming events and admin we’re working with.  Questions:  will you be event captain/change model? No she will not change model, will make sure people are not burnt out. How will you transform social?  She will maintain atmosphere Kyle has created.  Would like to see more summer events.  How will you improve upon Kyle?  Event captains responsible for events.  Bring members of committee to admin meetings.  Will maintain chief of staff position.  Plans for finding VP social for next year?  Will start transition process early.  Comfortable taking one salary (400/month)? Yes.  Alexandra steps out.

Juan: Went to Stanford as undergrad.  Social chair for Chicano group at Stanford, helped organize a conference.  Pre-med.  Greatly increased members in this group at Stanford.  Worked with small budget, but got it done.  Questions: Experience with administrators/campus partners? He has experience interacting with admin in work at hospital, marketing work.  Knows how to get people to buy in to ambitious goals.  Leadership challenges working with new group? Time commitment, understanding people’s personalities.  7 events for this quarter get executed? Yes, committed.  Would consider running again in spring.  Ideas for future events? Issues bringing business students, brunch for dinner! Mimosa Mondays!  Dealing with admin telling you no? Communicate with them, explain why something is necessary.  Have you developed relationships with admin at UCI? FEMBA staff, assist. Director of HEMBA program. 

Alexandra wins election.

VII.    Advertising Graduation Regalia Options (10) – One option, cheaper option, available for students at graduation.  Other UC’s advertise the higher quality regalia.  Can we talk to Alumni Association about this?  Send Justin an email. 

VIII.   Resolution 14-24: PVRC 2014-2015 Election Commissioner Appointment (10) – Kyle moves, carried.  Passes by acclimation.  No objections.

IX.    Special Projects Bills (15 min total)

         a. Bill 14-18: To Fund HGSA Conference: Replicas & Frames: Producing Scholarship in the Neoliberal Age.  Will moves to approve, carries. No objections.

        b. Bill 14-19: To Fund AGS Outdoors Club, 2014 – request for equipment to be housed at home rejected, given access to AGS locker.  Shea moves, carries. No objections.

        c. Bill 14-20: To Fund esports@UCI Zotcade 2014 – 100 grads, 10 per person. Rebecca moves, carries. No obj.

        d. Bill 14-21: To Fund TedXUCIrvine, 2014 – funding committee reduced amount to 500.  May get 50 grads.  Charging for tickets.  Shea moves, carries.  No obj.

        e. Bill 14-22: To Fund the Hindustani Vocal Concert – Will moves, carries. No obj.

       f. Bill 14-23: To Fund the Empire of Funk: What is the future of Filipino American Hip-Hop Program Will moves, carries. No obj.

Total budget 8,500 remaining.  3,000 left for rest of quarter if all of these are funded.   Money not used gets put into reserves but not back into next years special projects budget. 

X.    New Business (5)

         a. Zots – Erica for stuff, becka. Nicki, abi, dan, laurie, Melissa, trevor for bagel day.  Laurie, tim, Nicole, Erica, abi, Justin, Alexandra, scott, jen. Tim for stuff. Veronica and sarah for slc, abhi and Daniel for being freaked out about zots. Grace, Melissa, bill, Justin, for judges (trevor will find you). Melissa and sonali for being note takers. Kyle for great vp social.  WHOA SO MANY ZOTS!


Elections – Kyle moves to add 10 min for this, carries..  transition in july.  Need a joint meeting.  Consensus for execs to proceed with elections and decide on a date

Shea moves to adjourn at 7:21 PM.


Time Allotted: 89 minutes