Tuesday, April 29, 2014

 AGS COUNCIL Minutes Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I. Call to Order 5:33 PM

II. Approve Agenda (2) Shea moves. Second by Sonali.

III. Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2) Shea moves. Second by Rebecca.

IV. Executive Reports

b. VP Social (2) Alexandra debut!!!! Karaoke party very successful. People singing till 1 AM. Every month on a Saturday. Evening of Salsa on Friday. And many more awesome events coming up.

c. VP External (2) Symposium went awesome. Everyone happy with outcome. Good feedback. SF this weekend. Email sent out to council with job survey. Professional development survey. Jen gives more details about the survey. Asks council to help get more responses. Travel grant and amazon gift cards available as prizes. Lobbying all May. Will have more updates soon.

d. VP Finance (2) Next round of travel grant funding open. Summer round is also there due to requests. Same process. Special projects due week 6. Ask ppl to apply. Newport bus route moving well.

e. VP Internal (2) Symposium updates. Working on detailed reports with resolutions. Grace, Melissa and Sonali working on resolution abt GSHIP issue. Work done by Joe will be made available.

V. Council Elections (30)

May 13 – May 16 elections. Nominations haven’t opened yet. Grad mailer will be used to announce the nominations. Nomination period will be extended – discussion about how long before the elections to keep it open. Give people enough time to accept or decline and submit details. Atleast one day buffer decided. Encourage ppl to nominate and nominate others as well and they can decline as per their wish.

Presidential candidates will have to be nominated through the online system.
Last but one council meeting – transition period. New council will vote on Execs in either that or the
last meeting.
Clarification on staff positions. Jen summarises the entire process.
VI. New Business (5)
Wind – Next week opening of Diversatopia. Interesting process. Wind acting in it. May 5 and 6 shows.
Kelsey – Union elections, requests ppl to vote.
a. Zots
Symposium people!
Fastest council meeting ever!!!!
Shea moves to adjourn at 5:56 PM
Time Allotted: 47 minutes