Tuesday, May 13, 2014


 I.    Call to Order – 5:45 PM

II.    Approve Agenda (2) – Coral moves to approve, carries. No objections.  Justin suggests to do reports and job descriptions at next meeting (joint meeting).

III.   Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2) – Shea moves to approve, carries. No objections.

IV.   Executive Reports and Job Descriptions

           b.    VP Social (5) – brewery tour upcoming.  Last event of year = spring fling.  Will be a popular event.  Will have a photobooth.

           c.    VP External (5) – jen and Tim in Sacramento lobbying with the regents.  More funding from California budget.

           d.    VP Finance (5) – Coastal activities bus launched.  Potential issues with shuttling intoxicated students.  Bus was overall a success 50-100 people rode on the first night.  Positive feedback from users.  This was a pilo

           e.    VP Internal (5) – diversity meeting, looking for best ways to ask about preferred gender roles.  Nominate people for awards (staff and faculty awards).  See website for more information.  Internal report drafts to go over at this meeting.  Will be available online as one large report.

            f.     VP Admin (5) – survey going out today for symposium presenters.  Volunteer for academic senate positions.  Don’t forget to help fill your school’s rep seats for next year (write in people you think may be interested).

            g.    President (5) – Pres. Napolitano supportive of PhD students.  Make funding situation more clear to incoming students.  Multi-year funding guarantees. 5 years for all schools except engineering.  Additional professional development training and funding for training.  Website for professional development upcoming.

V.    Staff Updates (20)

Alexandra – Chief of Staff – Bagel Day is AWESOME.  100-150 people every Wednesday.  1 over the summer.

Abi --

VI.    Resolution 14-26: On Graduate Student Health Insurance (10)

Medical and GSHIP interaction is complicated.  Medical no dental or vision to everyone.  Grad students given option to opt out of medical portion of GSHIP only.  Idea – send to other grad student governments for them to send.  This is already done for the undergrads.

Typo to fix “while enrolling in GSHIP”.

Vote: [[24, 0, 0]] passes

VII.    Internal Committee Reports: Joe’s analyses within reports.

            a. Housing (15): Suggestion to include a reference table for each reference group.  Can we make it less rigorous in its language?  Audience is administration, difficult for us to understand as is.  Define what the models are in the report (layman terms).  Write what our opinions are on the findings.  What is our assessment on the findings in general.  Separate findings and assessment in each report.    Faculty readers will want minutia.  Top: intro with key takeaway points.  Next: Descriptive statistics.  Next: Statistical models in appendix with text descriptions of models.  Make it clear what we’re advocating for right up front because some people will not read the whole report.  Include description of specific statistical tests.  Don’t be shy with text descriptions.  Some people prefer tables within the test.  Do not cite models in the text, put descriptions in the appendix.  Appendix – easier to keep track if citing tables multiple times.  Final report will be posted on website available to anyone.  Grad Council.  Lisa Cornish, housing. Other admin.

            b. Mental Wellness (15): Bolding was helpful.  Introductory statement for each section.  Infographics would be AWESOME!  Alexandra and Justin offered to help with infographics.  Summary/graphics on the website.  Graphics helpful if people can’t read whole thing.  Simple stuff first, then complex stuff. 

VIII.   New Business (5)

            a. Remember to vote in the AGS Elections!  Send another vote now email.  Advocate writing in.

            b. Zots: Melissa, Grace, Dan, Alexandra, Erica



Time Allotted: 99 minutes – Shea moves to adjourn, carries.  Adjourn a 7:07 PM.