Tuesday, May 27, 2014

  I.    Call to Order – 5:46 PM

II.    Approve Agenda (2) –Sonali moves to approve, carries. No objections.

III.   Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2) – Coral moves, carries. No objections.  Coral objects. Coral thinks they are good minutes. Vote: 21:0:0.

IV.   Executive Reports and Job Descriptions 

           b.    VP Social (2) – Job: organizing events for grad students.  Organizing welcome week.

           c.    VP External (2) -- Job: lobbying on behalf of UCI graduate students.  Main message this year, grads need more funding.  Lobbied for budget revision.  Advocated for womens rights.  National wing, Sonali = National LL (national advocated for graduate education, advocated for fair immigration).  System-wide legislation/lobbying.

           d.    VP Finance (2) – chairs funding committee.  Funds student run events.  Sets budget and takes care of bookkeeping. 

           e.    VP Internal (2) – chair of internal committee (this year focused on campus climate, mental wellness, housing, parking).  Launched survey this year.  Survey data turned in to reports.  Serves on related committees (grad committee etc.).   

            f.     VP Admin (2) – getting people involved.  Committee assignment.  Council meetings.

            g.    President (10) –

What is AGS?! Advocates for grad students at UCI.  Committees/Advocacy. Events.  This year’s events have been highly successful.  Services: this year we raised money for travel grants, symposium, etc.

Committees: AGS (1 meeting every week or two) or Campuswide committee (1 meeting per month), represent grads.   

VP Election NEXT WEEK! 

Staff: 8-10 hours per week. 

V.    Remaining Staff Updates

            a. Legislative Liaison (2) – Helping with external lobbying.  Jobs initiative went well.  Over 4,000 responses!  Legislative Report Card.  Dressed as a chicken.

            b. National Legislative Liaison (2) – Represents UCI grads on national organizations.  Promoted grad issues such as debt.  Got grad issues on to senate floor.

            c. Campus Organizing Director (2) – Parking committee chair, got parking agreement in place for a year.  Palo Verde visitor parking improvements.  Organizes AGS internal social events.

d. Programs Director – bagel day, does it for FREE.     Symposium committees. 

  Chief of Staff – Maintaining offices and committee tasks.

e.  Communications director – website, events calendar (all grad events, not just social).    

VI.    Ratification of 2014 AGS Council Elections (5) – Ties? Write ins tied were asked to come to this meeting.  If more are elected than seats available, we will have a discussion with the tied and determine who wants seats.  Aaron Echols runs the elections, no students involved. Vote: 24:0:0.

VII.    Internal Committee Reports

            a. Professional Development (15)  -- skip.

VIII.    Special Projects (10)

              a. Bill 14:27 To Fund Climbing Gear for the AGS Outdoors Club: Equipment will be stored in the AGS locker.  Club started early/mid quarter.  Vote: 24:0:0. Carries.

              b. Bill 14:28 To Fund Correlates of Meditation & Dialogues about Meditation, Mind, and Conciousness -- Requestor helped with Happy Grad week.  Having local monks come help run meditations.  Passes by voice vote, no objections.

IX.   New Business (10)

Union Resolution:  Time sensitive – we are in bargaining this wed-fri. 

To consider: 15:4:3. Rally not directly associated with bargaining issues. Bargaining started a year ago.  Does not directly support either side, just asks for a contract to be made. Vote to be named: 22:0:1, carries.

            a. VP Elections NEXT WEEK (June 3)

            b. Zots! Melissa Niiya and Dan Quang for the most zots. Nicole and Alexandra drawn. 

Friday night is spring fling.  Party in AGS offices tomorrow at


Time Allotted: 70 minutes Kelsey moves to adjourn, carries! 6:57 PM.