Tuesday, June 03, 2014


I.              Call to Order – 5:41 PM

Sara Lone asks you to vote for housing council.

Applause for outgoing council.

II.    Approve Agenda (2) – Movement to approve, carries. No objections.

III.   Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting (2) – Kelsey moves to approve, carries. No objections. 

IV.  Executive Updates (5) – PSA: lookout for theft suspect, call police.  Justin went to Oakland for Chancellor search.  Justin solicits input on search.  Student character reference, one graduate student question during interview.    

V.   Bill 14-30: 2014-2015 AGS Budget (10) – temporary budget, provisional.  Summer spending is slow.  Fall, final budget is ratified.  This budget is similar to the last year’s budget. Vote: 27:0:0, approved.

VI.   VP Elections (45) – Nominations, statement, questions from council, candidate steps outside, council discussion, voting, candidate comes back in to hear result.  Proxies do not vote. 

VP Internal: nominations, Melissa Niiya. School of Education rep. Internal committee, helped draft leg, run events, write reports on survey.  Goals: develop relationships with campus stakeholders, particularly with faculty.  Recruiting volunteers.  Nonprofit work, volunteers extensively.  Plans to continue work with survey data.  Melissa is elected.

VP External: Timothy Ma.  2 year council member, 2 year external, LL last year.  Spent time lobbying.  Helped make push for guaranteed funding.  Tim is elected.

VP Finance: Justin Chung. Plans to be in position for 2 months, graduating in December.  Will help new council transition.  Was VP Finance for 2 terms before becoming president.  Justin is elected.

VP Admin: Veronica Newhart. 1st year in school of Education.  Has worked with External.  Has worked with state administration.  Interested in relationship with new staff hire.  Veronica is elected.

VP Social: Becka Thompson. 2nd year student, has been in AGS for 1 year.  Wants to expand on events that are successful, and focus less on events that are less successful.  Karaoke night as new event.  Rebecca is elected.

New and outgoing executives will meet after council meeting.

VII.   Resolution 14-31: Appointing a hiring committee for the AGS staff position (10) – Money for position comes from student services fees.  Employee reports to AGS executives.  Criteria for job and ideal candidate has been set out in job description. 26:0:0, resolution passes.

VIII.   New Business (5)

Daniel Fulton, chair of PAB, contact him if you’re interested in the committee.
Counseling center administration are drafting plans to expand.
Council members assigned to committees at executive retrear, early summer.
Academic senate positions available.

            b. Zots!  Erica gives zots to all new council who arrived at the meeting tonight.

Motion to adjourn, carries. 7:03 PM.


Time Allotted: 79 minutes