Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I.            Call to Order 5:36 pm


 II.        Approve Agenda (2)—Movement to approve, carries. No objections.


  III.        Approve minutes from previous meeting (2)—Movement to approve carries. No objections.


  IV.        Executive Reports:


a.    VP Internal (5)

b.    VP External (5)

c.    VP Social (5)

d.    VP Finance (5)

e.    VP Admin (5)

f.     President (5) 


   V.        Resolution 14-31: Appointment of AGS Campus Communications Director (5) Liuyi Pei is elected.



 VI.        Resolution 14-32: Appointment of AGS Student Advocate General (5) Zahra Nemati is elected.


 VII.        Resolution 14-33: Appointment of AGS Community Development Director (5)  Dan Fulton is elected.


VIII.        Resolution 14-34: Appointment of AGS Campus Affairs Director (5) Adam Luke is elected.


  IX.        Resolution 14-35: Appointment of AGS International Committee Chair (5)  Abinaya Murugesan is elected.


   X.        New Business (5) 

a.    Zots! (2)


Motion to adjourn, carries 6:55 pm


Time Allotted: 66 minutes