Tuesday, October 07, 2014



      I.        Call to Order 5:34 pm

     II.        Approve Agenda (2): movement to approve, carries. No objections.

    III.        Approve minutes from previous meeting (2): Rebecca moves to approve, Raquel seconds, carries. No objections.

  IV.        Executive Reports:

a.    VP Internal (5): Thank you for orientation help. Feedback was generally positive. Mental Health Week is this week. We are going to do a screening of Precious. Please take goodies back to your departments to post including the new info graphics for the survey. Prof. Development – Shout out to Raquel for spearheading non-traditional career fair for alternative careers outside of academia.

b.    VP External (5): At orientation we registered 25 people to vote since a lot were already registered. We are working on voter education. Tim/Sarah going for USCA meeting for new campaigns. We are working on prof. development report from last year’s survey data, some lobbying, and also working on bringing local candidates to campus to debate.

There are some UC-wide committees that meet up in Oakland. Open positions are available in mental health, library, education reform, security/privacy forum. If you’re interested in joining or know anyone, contact Tim or check out the available positions online.

c.    VP Social (5): Wrapped up welcome week activities. Poker night on Saturday in PV Clubhouse, then college football next Saturday in Zot Zone with games, beer. Huge props to Social Committee for gargantuan week of events in welcome week.

d.    VP Finance (5): Someone messed up! Somewhere in restructuring of UC bond debt from last year, fee to Student Center services is dropping from $131 to $86 causing a two million dollar deficit in Student Center operations on tap for 2017. That is half of the budget, in case that happens they would need to sell off about half of the space. Could go to companies like UPS, Kaplan. Would also change the amount of space that can be rented out for conferences, etc. Student services, many clubs are distraught because of capacity issues already, so a smaller Student Center would make that even worse.

AGS plan? Justin proposes something like a referendum campaign where students vote to have some sort of fee that would go to filling that void. Would be important to never have a dip in funding because we might lose these spaces permanently. If students paid up to the normal fee, there would be an 8 million dollar surplus in budget by 2027 and the center could be expanded (larger Pub, lounge for grads/undergrads, rentable space for students). Could be an opportunity to make it more of a student-centered center. University would likely be very favorable to something like this, and there is a successful example in place at Berkeley which did this 4 years ago.

e.    VP Admin (5): Veronica is out for this meeting, will be back soon!

f.      President (5): Met with President Napolitano with other UC Presidents Council. Tuition rise is still on tap to fill a void in 2015-16 UC Budget, especially since Governor Brown just vetoed a bill to cover it. Increased tuition will be used to increase faculty salaries, pensions, and staff benefits. No mention of students, but after the meeting it seems Napolitano is open to seeking advice from students on the fund usage. Sonali passed along all recommendations from the Council from previous meetings especially concern about lack of student consulting. Napolitano wants to work on this process to improve student fee consulting in the future.

Mental Health services fee: Proposed as $144/student fee, and after passing along the feedback from the Council to UCOP there is consideration that the money can come from alternative means.

   V.        Staff Updates

a.    Campus Communications Director (2): Weren’t able to launch keytags at orientation, because only 2 partners + pub on board so far. Want to wait to launch the program at Bagel Day with more business partners on board. Also recently did a tasting with the Curry Cart, but tastes were off and portions were too small. At this point Core Staff wants to push forward but more meetings with administration are needed.

b.    Student Advocate General (2): Website is up and going. We haven’t really received many grievances yet, but expecting to hear more than just a few emails about parking so far. If you want to get involved, let me know. Going to start outreach online and in campus blasts, but feel free to encourage your colleagues who have problems to reach out to SAO. More info available front and center on AGS website.

c.    Campus Affairs Director (2): Bus route starts on Saturday night. 360 came to explore event, so if even half come out it’ll pay for itself for another week. Undergrad involvement/behavior is kind of a question mark, but it seems like graduate students are excited and will hopefully come out for it. Trying to do more publicizing to undergraduates. Will see how this week goes and tweak from there.

d.    International Committee Chair (2): Just had international grad student orientation, AGS did a social event and everyone seemed to have fun. Working with international center to do a soccer tournament and Thanksgiving potluck.

  VI.        2014-15 AGS Budget (10): Justin: This version is basically the same as last year’s and the provisional budget that you voted on previously.

 VII.        Resolution 14-37: Appointment of AGS Staff: Legislative Liaison (5): Discussing appointment of Sara Lone as Legislative Liaison to AGS External office.

Sara: interested in working more on lobbying, also in connecting with folks about incarceration issues and prison pipeline, voter education, masters student issues, internal committee, attending USCA meetings with Tim, and much more.

Motion to adopt by Jorge, seconded by Tim. Resolution passes 28-0-0.

VIII.        Bill 14-38: To Ratify Funding Committee Allocations (5): We have a pool of money to go toward project funds for graduate students putting on events for graduate students. Two groups applied for funding: Graduate Christian Fellowship and Graduate Women in Sciences. Usually we try to stick to $5/student, no alcohol, and fund most of them unless something is way off.

GCF event was requested by Emma, and she said they had about 30 students and some professors that came out and event was successful. Most of food was eaten too!

Motion to pass by Coral, seconded by Becca. Bill passes 30-0-0.

  IX.        New Business (5)

a.    Symposium – Liuyi is interested in getting suggestions for Keynote speaker, please pass to her.

b.    Michelle – seems like we have an issue with getting word out about things. Can we better utilize Grad Weekly? Email Leigh in GRC to use it. AGS has every email of every student, so we usually send it through both sources. Might always be a challenge.

c.    Bagel Day – sign up for volunteer spots!

d.    Melissa: School of Education’s PhD students and Masters Program students never really talk, any ideas on how to do things that work well for bridging the divide? Let her know.

   X.        Zots!

a.    Melissa gave a whole bunch of them very quickly!

b.    Becca – to social committee for making everything so great this past week.

Time Allotted: 65 minutes

Motion to adjourn by Jen, seconded by Jorge, carries 6:23 pm