Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I.               Call to Order 

II.              Approve Agenda (2) 

III.            Approve minutes from previous meeting (2)

  IV.        Executive Reports:

a.    VP Internal (5): working with student health center, town hall meetings. Next one on Sept. 1 master’s program issues.

b.    VP External (5)

c.    VP Social (5): Club night tickets are all sold. Barn party.

d.    VP Finance (5): travel grant apps are in. $75,000 will be allocated this year. Will put list of funded projects on website.

e.    VP Admin (5): I’m back!

f.     President (10):

                                                      i.         symposium committee meetings coming up

                                                     ii.         PDST on specific programs, regents will not pass any above 7%

                                                   iii.         Student mental health services fees, discussions will continue. Student position--the administration needs to take on these costs.

                                                    iv.         Academic Senate, everyone should have been notified about their committee appointments

                                                     v.         Council retreat, info to come 

   V.        Staff Updates

a.         Campus Communications Director (5): email template

b.         Legislative Liaison (2): absent

c.         Community Development Director (2): Master’s students issues, open house night for volunteers—over 40 responses. Contact Dan if you need volunteers.

d.   Student Advocate General (2): attended SHIAC meetings. Council Retreat—beach day, picnic potluck on campus, will email information.

e.   Campus Affairs Director (2): absent

f.    International Committee Chair (2): International committee met. Working with ASUCI to increase resources, working on international career day. 

  VI.        Bill 14-39: To Amend the Charter of University of California Student Association (5) yay: 27, nay: 0, abstain: 0

VII.           Bill 14-40: To Ratify Funding Committee Allocations (5) yay: 28, nay: 0, abstain: 0

  VII.        New Business (5):

                                               i.     Justin: effectiveness of council?

                                             ii.     Sonali: asking for feedback from council on current issues

  VIII.        Zots (2):  Kevin, Ye, Melissa, Zahra, Michelle,

Time Allotted: 71 minutes

Adjourned: 6:25