Tuesday, November 04, 2014

I. Call to Order 5:39 II. Approve Agenda (2): Becca, Coral 2nd III. Approve minutes from previous meeting (2): Zahra, Becca 2nd IV. Executive Reports: a. VP Internal (5): student health center—mobile nurse clinic, after hours flu vaccine clinic. Asked for volunteers to work on parking. b. VP External (5): Nat’l conference, UCI is not doing so bad. Issues: 1) Taxation indebtedness, 2) fixing immigration visas, 3) research funding. Emergency meeting with president Napolitano tomorrow, most likely about tuition. This weekend SOCC then another Napolitano conference. c. VP Social (5): Halloween party on Saturday went well, Brewery tour is coming up next Saturday--tickets are $35. Next event Karaoke night. d. VP Finance (5): new student center referendum, travel grants e. VP Admin (5): name cards, procedures manual f. President (10): 1) AGS Symposium emails went out, applications are coming in. New format for symposium. 2) Open House last week, showed interest in committees, 3) Napolitano to discuss what is the future of the UC. Regents meeting Nov. 19 & 20 looking for volunteers to participate in discussions about tuition increases. Jen, question: can you afford any more guidance on how to answer these questions? Ye, response: website has been updated to introduce the new process Veronica: could we add a link for students to submit a question in case it isn’t answered in the FAQ? Ye: will add it. V. Staff Updates - a. Campus Communications Director (5): symposium questions b. Legislative Liaison (2): stage, cultural climate. Lobbying initiative, two new public policy students helping out. UCSA, talk about diversity project. c. Community Development Director (2): volunteer open house, PAB model share event, d. Student Advocate General (2): student health advisory, health insurance FAQ, graduate student issues, AGS council retreat all set, email was sent out. VI. AGS Council November Newsletter (5): Ye VII. Bill 14-41: To ratify funding committee allocations (2): Zahra presented. Coral asked for background material. Justin emailed everyone background material. Took a break for everyone to review, Justin read aloud. Vote: 25 0 0 Bill carries. ADDED: Bill 14.42: (emailed to council during the meeting) Justin moved to consider it during this meeting. Bill 2nd. Justin read aloud. Discussion. Justin moved to amend 14-42 to say detail reports to funding council whenever funding is granted or refused. Vote: 23 0 2 Coral moved to amend to say Business and Finance Committee can approve up to $1,000 and anything over that will go to council for vote. Vote: 15 8 2 Bill 14-42 Passed with above amendments: 23 1 2 Veronica: will work on having materials available online and/or visible on screen during the meetings. Finance Committee: Will make background materials available for public viewing. VIII. New Business (2): Time Allotted: 59 minutes Time Adjourned: 7:27 pm